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VU bone health and diabetes study seeks volunteers

Victoria University researchers are looking for healthy male participants for a study examining the links between Type 2 diabetes, exercise and bone health.

Participants must be overweight or obese, and aged 40 or older. They cannot be involved in any gym-based exercise or have osteoporosis.

All participants will get a free six-month gym membership as part of the trial.

While Type 1 diabetes has long been associated with low bone density, there is growing evidence that those afflicted by Type 2 ‘lifestyle-related’ diabetes suffer more bone fractures than non-diabetic men, despite having normal to high bone density.

The researchers aim to gain new understanding of the link between bone structure and metabolism and Type 2 diabetes, and examine targeted exercise interventions for both the prevention and management of Type 2 diabetes.

Dr Itamar Levinger is available for interview

Contact: Dr Itamar Levinger, Research Fellow, School of Arts, Education and Human Development, Victoria University, Ph: (03) 9919 4287 or [email protected]


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