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Singapore steers interns through Victoria University SAP course

The Singapore Government will sponsor students to gain SAP skills in a Victoria University postgraduate course.

In a deal worth close to $500,000 the Government will subsidise the costs of the three-month graduate certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning systems with a specialisation in SAP. The course is part of a seven-month paid internship.

The program will be delivered in Singapore by Victorian University in partnership with South-East Asian SAP education provider Lithan Genovate.

VU’s SAP programs director, Paul Hawking, said the combination of ERP studies and a paid internship was a unique opportunity and graduates would be in demand by employers.

“This commitment from the Singapore Government to subsidise the cost of study for interns in its Professional Skills Program confirms the worldwide demand for SAP skills and the role universities can play in satisfying this demand,” he said.

Victoria University offers a range of ERP Systems related courses which are taught in Melbourne, Singapore and Beijing.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an enterprise-wide information system designed to coordinate all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete business processes such as order fulfilment and billing.

An ERP system maintains data under a single database for a variety of business functions such as manufacturing, supply chain management, financials, projects, human resources and customer relationship management.

SAP is the leading vendor of ERP systems and supports business process transactions for Nike, Microsoft, Singapore Airlines and Coca-Cola. To achieve the optimum benefits, companies employ ERP specialists to implement and maintain their systems. 

Mr Hawking is available for comment on +61 3 9919 4031. 


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