My Library

If you would like to see what items you have on loan, check the due date of your books, renew items, request multiple holds or check your holds, then you can do this via My Library.

You can also view any outstanding fines, suggest an item for the Library to purchase or set up SMS alerts.

Library PIN

Your library personal identification number (PIN) is used along with your student or staff ID number to log in to My Library, as well as access online resources and services including databases, e-books, eJournals, eReserve and videos.

Students logging in for the first time, your default PIN is your date of birth in ddmmyyyy format.

New staff members and external borrowers will need to create a new PIN when logging in to My Library for the first time. To do so, enter your ID and a PIN on the login screen and click submit.

Updating your PIN is easy - when logged in to My Library, simply click on 'Modify your PIN', enter a new PIN and click submit.

Forgot your PIN?

From the page 'Forgot your PIN?', enter your student/staff ID or barcode number and submit.

An email with instructions on resetting your PIN will be sent to your default email address recorded on the system (allow 15 to 20 minutes for the email to arrive).