The VU Library provides access to laptops and study rooms. You can book these facilities up to seven days in advance.

Find out how to book a laptop or study room in advance or on the spot, and check the booking guidelines on this page.

Book a laptop

You can book any available Library laptop by visiting any campus library service desk or by phoning a campus library service desk.

Library laptops can be booked for up to five hours. 

Laptops are for on-campus use only.  It is not permitted to take laptops home.

Book a study room

Study Rooms are bookable using MyPC for up to 2 hours and up to 7 days in advance. Room bookings cannot be extended and usually one booking is allowed by a user.

Study rooms are only for group study only (two or more students). They are not for individual study. Study rooms can only be booked and used by VU students. They are not available for staff use.

Library staff reserve the right to cancel or re-allocate a booking, or ask someone to leave if the:

  • student who booked the room does not turn up within 15 minutes of the booking
  • room is being used by a person other than the student who has a current booking
  • room is being used by an individual
  • room is being used for a purpose other than study
  • behaviour of users is inappropriate.

Room booking guidelines

We strongly advise that you book in advance.

  • Remember to turn up within 15 minutes to your room as your booking may be cancelled and re-allocated to other students.
  • You can book up to seven days in advance, with a limit of three active bookings at one time.

During semester, quiet study applies in most areas of campus libraries. During SWOTVAC and the exams period, quiet study applies across all campus libraries.

Please do not to use mobile phones in quiet study areas.