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The Victoria University library subscribes to a number of online databases, which collectively cover a huge range of disciplines and subjects. Articles found through the VU library can viewed, downloaded and printed to assist you with your work.

The databases can be searched collectively through Library Search or you can search them individually.

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Google Scholar

Many VU library databases can also be searched through Google Scholar. Fulltext journal articles and research papers can be retrieved by clicking on the "Find Fulltext @ VU Library" link when it appears to the right of your search results.  This will happen automatically while on campus but may need to be set up as "Library Links" under Scholar Settings to work from off-site.

Database trials

The VU library conducts database trials to evaluate new online resources before purchasing.

You are encouraged to use the databases currently on trial   and provide feedback to library staff.

Appropriate use

Use of this service including the viewing, printing and downloading of individual articles is permitted for the purposes of private study, teaching and research. This does not include the systematic downloading, copying or printing of significant portions of the licensed content (e.g. entire issues of individual journals). Undertaking this type of activity constitutes a serious breach of both copyright and licence agreements and may result in legal action or termination of the University's access to this product. Use of this service for commercial gain is strictly prohibited.

Specific licence conditions may be outlined on the individual database or journal web site. It is important that you read and observe these terms and conditions.