Loan periods & fines

Items that are borrowed from any Victoria University Library need to be returned at the end of their specified loan period. 

If you do not return an item within its loan period you will be charged a fine. 

Unpaid fines can prevent you from attending graduation or re-enrolling so it is important to keep up to date with your loans.

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Loan periods

Loan periods may vary depending on the type of item you are borrowing (standard or restricted) and your relationship with Victoria University (staff member, student, research candidate, alumnus or external borrower).

Standard loans

The loan period for all non-VU members is 14 days, with the number of items limited to 10.

All VU members have an unlimited number of loans. The loan period for TAFE and undergraduate students is 14 days. The loan period for VU staff, Masters and PhD students is 28 days.

Restricted loans

Certain items held by the Library will be restricted to shorter loan periods due to high demand.

  • Books in high demand – 1, 3 or 7 days
  • Audiovisual (DVDs) – 7 or 14 days (normally)
  • Audiovisual (all other types) – 7 days (normally)
  • Restricted audiovisual – 1 day
  • Reserve collection – 2 hours (within the Library only)

Library fines

If an item becomes overdue your borrowing privileges will be suspended until the item is returned. If an infringement has been applied borrowing privileges will be suspended until all outstanding charges are paid.

Any unpaid fines and bills attached to your library record can be seen in MyLibrary.

  • Items more than 28 days overdue (or less than 28 days for short-term loan items) will attract an infringement penalty of $20.
  • Overdue items with a hold placed on them are issued a Recall Notice; if the item is not returned within 7 days from the date of notice, there is an infringement penalty of $20 per recalled item.
  • Items overdue from participating CAVAL libraries will also attract an additional Victoria University infringement penalty of $20.
  • Items that are not returned, lost or damaged normally attract a penalty of $125 per item.
  • Library fines can also prevent you from re-enrolling, graduating or accessing your results so it is important to clear the debt immediately.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal details are up to date – notices from the Library are sent to the email address on your enrolment record, which is your VU email address by default. Log in to MYVU Portal to check your details.

Paying your fine

Library fines can be paid with a credit card using our Online Secure Payment System (your record will be cleared within one business day).

Please ensure that all overdue items have been returned before making a payment (online payments cannot be accepted unless items are returned). Use the non-returned item amount to pay for items that are not returned due to loss or damage.

Payments can also be made at your Campus Library Service Desk with your Papercut printing account.

Contact us if you are unsure of the amount owing. Payments are processed during business hours only – if payments are made outside of business hours, they will be processed the next business day.

Contact us

For enquiries regarding overdue items please contact your Campus Library Service Desk.

For enquiries regarding Library Infringements please phone +61 3 9919 2054.