Rozhan and her family fled to Australia by boat when she was around 11 years old. Because of religious and political issues, it wasn’t safe for her family to stay in Iran. So, they made the only decision they could at the time – to leave for a safer place.

I always had a really strong passion for healthcare... It was just always in me that I had this passion. I wanted to be involved in someone’s care and be there when they’re sad or happy.

New Beginning

Rozhan spent around three months on Christmas Island when she first arrived in Australia, “We had to go to the detention centre which was in Christmas Island which was very traumatic because of the situation there.” The environment wasn’t ideal and she got very sick and didn’t have access to medication.

While the journey wasn’t easy, she still reflects,

We‘re blessed to be here at the moment because so many people unfortunately didn’t make it

Starting school in Australia in Year 8, the only phrases Rozhan knew in English were ‘Hi’ and ‘How are you?’. She started language school at the same time, eventually graduating from Year 12 with her class.

She showed real determination but says, “It was really difficult for me because I don’t think I was at the level that I should have been, because of the language barrier compared to my friends or other people around me.”

Your impact

She wasn’t quite sure what path to follow when she finished Year 12 but now, because of the generosity of our VU family, Rozhan is now studying a Bachelor of Nursing!

It’s been a long road but fulfilling road for Rozhan who told us,

I wouldn’t do it any other way if I had to do it again.

Initially studying a Diploma of Nursing before entering the Bachelor, Rozhan says “I thought I’m in the right place, this is for me."

Rozhan is passionate, dedicated and kind, a fantastic combination for a young nurse. She truly appreciates the support of everyone who gives to the Asylum Seeker Scholarship.

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