Timetable Planner hints & tips

Depending on your level of study you can see timetables for Higher Education (Bachelor degrees, Masters, PhD and Graduate courses) or Vocational Education (certificates and diplomas).

  • For Higher Education (HE) study you can select one or more units then see the timetable for those.
  • For Vocational Education (VE) study you can select course groups to see the timetable options.

Please note:

  1. The timetable planner provides indicative information about the days or times classes may run. After you have enrolled you will still need to use MyTimetable to create your personalised timetable.
  2. Timetables may change (including addition, withdrawing or restructuring of units/programs).

2019 timetable planner

View the 2019 timetable in Timetable Planner.

  • Semester 3 (Summer 2018/2019)
  • Semester 1 & 2
  • Blocks 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Semester 4 (Winter School).

2018 timetable

View the 2018 timetable in Timetable Planner to get an idea of what days or times your classes may run. It includes:

  • Semester 3 (Summer 2017/2018)
  • Semester 1& 2
  • Blocks 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Semester 4 (Winter School).

Getting started

There are a few steps you will need to follow.

  1. Make sure to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as they are the only supported web browsers.
  2. You must make sure that pop-up windows are enabled. (if you don't, you will not be able to view the timetables).
  3. Select units (HE) or courses (VE).
  4. View timetables as a grid (calendar) or list
    When you are viewing your timetable keep an eye out for these helpful buttons
    •  The back button is your best friend when viewing a timetable as it will return you to the timetable selection page. Use this to go back and refine your results.
    •  If you change dates while viewing your calendar the clear filter button will reset back to your default search dates.

Tips for selecting units (HE)

For Bachelor degrees, Masters, PhD and Graduate courses, units are listed alphabetically by their unit code. To find out which units are available for your course please see either course delivery plans or the course page.

To select multiple units hold down the CTRL key and click each option. For Mac users hold down the Command key and click each option.

Tips for selecting courses (VE)

For certificates and diplomas, courses are listed alphabetically by their course code and group number. To find the course code please see the course page. Re-enrolling students will know their course group while new students will be assigned one after enrolment. If you're unsure about which course group to choose you can select them all the groups relating to your course to see the full variety.

To select multiple courses or groups hold down the CTRL key and click each option. For Mac users hold down the Command key and click each option.

Filtering the list of units/courses

You can also filter your timetables by selecting a college, campus and time period.

If you're unsure of the college or campus then leave it blank or at "Please Select..." The planner will show you available colleges and campuses when viewing your timetable entries. Alternatively you can select a college or campus to see all available courses.

If you're choosing a college or campus then you'll need to do so before selecting any units or courses as not all are available under each area. As a result, selecting a college or campus will remove any pre-selected units or courses you have chosen.

Timetable views

You can view your timetable in a couple of different ways depending on your preferred option. There are the grid (calendar) or list views.

After viewing your timetable, you can go back to the previous timetable selection page and refine your results. Your previous selections will be retained.

Viewing a large number of labs and tutorials

For some units there will be instances when a large number of labs and tutorials are displayed because it's showing all available ones. When you are putting in your preferences though you will only need to select one.

Grid (calendar) view

The grid timetable shows a calendar view of your selections.

Using the grid (calendar) view you can click the unit or course entry to show more information about it.

List view

The list timetable shows a detailed and itemised view of your selections.

Printing your timetable from the calendar view

If you want to print from the calendar or grid view and include the colour-coded entries, you may need to select print background colours or background graphics. This may vary depending on the which internet browser you are using.

What can you do with your timetable?

The following controls can be used when viewing your timetable in either calendar (grid) or list views.

 Allows you to choose the week of the selected timetable

 Displays the previous week in the selected timetable.

 Displays the next week in the selected timetable.

 If you navigate to an incorrect date you can reset by clicking this button.

 Use this to return to your timetable selections instead of using the back button.

Print iconPrint timetables from the calendar (grid) or list views.

To be used with multiple units or courses

The following two buttons can be used only when you have multiple units or courses selected.

Split iconUnits or courses contained in one calendar view can be separated with this button.

Merge iconUnits or courses in separate calendars will be merged into one with this button.