Summer & winter school study

Victoria University offers a range of summer and winter school elective units for students to undertake during the two main semester breaks. Units are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Summer school is also known as Study Period 3 and winter school is known as Study Period 4, both are only available for Higher Education students.

When considering enrolling in a summer or winter unit, please be aware that enrolment is subject to minimum and maximum student numbers.

Benefits of summer & winter school study

  • Lower student to teacher ratio
  • Shorter time frame to complete a unit
  • Faster completion of credit points toward your qualification
  • Potential opportunity to repeat failed units in order to meet pre-requisites for the following semester
  • Weekend classes and short intensives available in some instances

Important dates (Semester 4 Winter school, 2017)

  • 1 May 2017 - Publication of Winter school units on the website
  • 12 May 2017 - Winter School Semester timetable published
  • 22 May 2017 - Online enrolment will be open for selecting units of study
  • 23 May 2017 (4PM) - MY Timetable open in Allocation Adjustment Mode
  • 5 June 2017 - Winter School semester 4 begins
  • 8 June 2017 - Winter School Admin Census date – Last day to add units (11.59PM)
  • 15 June 2017 - Winter School Census date (online enrolment closes at 11.59 PM)
  • 17 June 2017 - MY Timetable closes in Allocation Adjustment (becomes read only mode from 4PM)
  • 12 July 2017 - Examination timetable displayed including publication of seating
  • 13 July 2017 - Online Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) for Winter School available in MYVU Portal
  • 14 July 2017 - Winter School semester 4 finishes
  • 17 July 2017 - Examination begins
  • 21 July 2017 - Examination finish
  • 27 July 2017 - Last day for students to query Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) for Winter School
  • 7 August 2017 - Examination Results releases in MYVU Portal

Step 1: Check which units are offered

College of Arts & Education

  • AEB1800 Youth Work Practice (Footscray Park)
  • AEB2163 Visual & Creative Arts (St Albans)
  • AEB2250 Healthy Activity Community & Wellbeing (Footscray Park)
  • AEB2251 Imagination, Creativity and Design (St Albans)
  • AEB2303 International Teaching and Learning Context (Footscray Park)
  • AEB2802 Ethics and Youth Work Practice (Footscray Park)
  • AEB3302 Critical Practices for Teachers in Secondary Schools (Footscray Park)
  • AEB3805 Youth Policy, Civics and Culture (Footscray Park)
  • AEG5124 Professional Practice - TESOL (Footscray Park)
  • AEG5212 Teaching Humanities 2 (Footscray Park)
  • AEG5222 Teaching Physical Education 2 (Footscray Park)
  • AEG5238 Teaching Middle Years 2 (Footscray Park)
  • AEK1204 Aboriginal History and Political Movements (Footscray Park)
  • ASA5011 Human Rights Theory and Practice (Footscray Park)
  • ASA6005 Community-Based Research (Part 1) (Footscray Park)
  • ASA6006 Community-Based Research (Part 2) (Footscray Park)
  • ASN2002 Visual Effects (Footscray Park)
  • EEC1105 Reconciling Australian Humanities Education (Footscray Park)
  • EED6101 Indigenous Perspectives and Standpoints in Education (Footscray Park)
  • EEE3012 International Teaching and Learning Contexts 1 (Footscray Park)
  • EEE3013 International Teaching and Learning Contexts 2 (Footscray Park)
  • EEC2104 Creativity and the Arts (St Albans)

College of Business

  • BEO3433 Field Research Project (Footscray Park)
  • BMO5505 Leadership and innovation Practicum (CIty Flinders)
  • BMO7000 Advanced Organisational Behaviour (City Flinders)
  • BMO7004 Strategy and Strategic Change (City Flinders)

College of Engineering & Science

  • EPM5520 Sustainable Project Management (Footscray Park)
  • NIT6042 Thesis 2 (Footscray Park)
  • NIT6150 Advanced Project (Footscray Park)
  • RCM1712 Mathematical Foundations 2 (Footscray Park)

College of Health & Biomedicine

  • HNB2106 Professional Practice 2 (St Albans)
  • HNB3210 Professional Practice 5 (St Albans)
  • RBM1103 Bioscience 1: Body Structure & Function (St Albans)
  • RBM4002 Science Honours 2 (St Albans)

College of Sport & Exercise Science

  • SES3000 International Sports Study Tour: Practicum (Footscray Park)
  • SES3001 International Sports Study Tour: Communities (Footscray Park)

Step 2: Check the timetable

Check Timetable Planner to find out when the unit is offered.

Have a look at the Timetable Planner hints & tips if you get stuck.

Step 3: Enrol online

You will be able to enrol in available summer or winter school units online via MYVU Portal when enrolment opens. When selecting units, ensure you select semester 3 for summer of semester 4 for winter.

Enrolment forms

You can submit your completed form via ASKVU or in person at any VUHQ.


Find out about enrolment fees and charges for domestic students.


If you have any questions about summer or winter school please contact us via phone or in person.

Phone: +61 3 9919 6100
Visit: VUHQ