Beyond graduation

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Leaving Melbourne

For many international students, returning home comes with great anticipation and excitement. Before leaving Australia and embarking on your new career, you may need to complete a few important tasks. Review the list of important things to do to ensure you make a very easy transition back home.

While in Australia, you have experienced a different lifestyle that will change how you respond to the world around you when you return home.

Move out of your accommodation

  1. Give your notice of intention to leave your accommodation in writing to your landlord or Agent and if relevant, your housemate(s). Follow the step by step guide to ending a tenancy.
  2. Clean your accommodation (including garden if applicable) completely and dispose of all unwanted items, furniture and rubbish.
  3. Refer to your Condition Report and lease/agreement for any further additional cleaning requirements.
  4. Return your keys before or on the date you leave your accommodation (a late return will result in more rent being charged).
  5. Apply to get your bond back. Follow the step by step guide to bond recovery.
  6. Check that any possessions you are sending back to your home country are not prohibited by Australia Post.
  7. Want to know more about moving out? Read the Student Housing fact sheet.

Finalise financial matters

  1. Finalise all accounts including those to the University. Make sure that all library fines, student loans and accommodation fees are paid. If you still have debts to the University you won't be able to receive your results or obtain your degree.
  2. Pay for academic transcripts at the Student Service Centres if you do not take advantage of the free period.
  3. Submit any OSHC claims that are still outstanding.
  4. Identify the various companies that can freight things home for you and the costs of these services.
  5. Close your bank account in Australia once all refunds are received or organise alternative banking arrangements to keep your account open.
  6. Find out more about how to remove your name from the utility accounts, how to redirect your mail or other hints and tips on the moving services website.
  7. Complete and hand in the relevant taxation return forms or superannuation entitlements.

Travel arrangements

  1. Make sure you make time to say farewell to friends and University staff.
  2. Tell someone at home and in Australia your arrival details.
  3. Make your own arrangements for transport to the airport on the day of your departure.

If you intend to Ensure that your visa is valid for any extended stay in Australia.

Six weeks before departure

  1. Start to make arrangements to book your flight home. If you plan on visiting any other countries on your way home, make sure you have the correct visa for that country if required.
  2. Start to sort through your possessions and decide what you want to take home, sell, advertise for sale, give away or donate to charities.
  3. If you have children, notify the school or childcare centre when you will be leaving.
  4. Give 28 days notice to your landlord or housemates.

One week before departure

  1. Request a final bill or a reading from the gas, electricity, phone and water companies.
  2. Ensure housemates have your correct home address for returning mail.
  3. Redirect your mail (do this at any post office).

Stay in Australia

If you are considering applying for a Visa to remain in Australia, you might also want to look into: