Where your SSAF goes

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Watch out for the SSAF logo. Anything with this logo was funded by SSAF. That means you were a part of making it happen

On 11 October 2011, the Australian Parliament passed legislation allowing universities and other higher education providers to charge a fee for student services and amenities of a non-academic nature.

The legislation dictates that the fees collected may be spent by higher education providers on items such as sporting and recreational activities, employment and career advice, child care, supporting student representation and financial advice.

For a full list of SSAF allowable items visit the Department of Education and Training SSAF Guidelines.

VU has been collecting the fees since Semester 1/Term 1, 2012. This page outlines how the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) has been used to provide non-academic support services and improved facilities for all students at VU.

2016 SSAF benefits to students

SSAF recipient Programs, activities and services for students
Student Life
  • Orientation: including support for academic advice and enrolment sessions, O-Fest activities, Step Up Day, Family Day, Incredible Race events, Mature-Age Welcome events
  • International orientation events
  • Free equipment hire for student run events
  • Exam refresher stations
  • Annual calendar of events across all campuses
  • Student leadership program including annual Student Leadership Conference, Student Leadership Awards, Student Leadership Council and Lead2Change program
  • Funding and support for VU Clubs, including event support, clubs training, festivals and networking and skill-sharing sessions
  • Vollies program which includes social and networking events and major events such as V4U day
  • Show Some Initiative grants with 37 student-led projects funded in 2016
  • Students as Staff recruitment and training.
Student Welfare
  • Orientation, Semester 1, 2016
  • Philip Island bus trip
  • End-of-exam Pizza Evening/Celebration
  • Coffee and Chat at Footscray Park and City Flinders
  • Tree Surfing
  • Visit to Vic Night Market
  • Silent Disco.
Student Wellbeing
  • Student Counselling Services
  • Free workshops to enhance students’ skills in time management, mindfulness, exam anxiety management, cross cultural communication and emotional intelligence
  • Student Advocacy Services.
VU Student Union
  • Maintenance of Student Union offices, student lounges, student spaces
  • Production of student magazine
  • Orientation activities including O-Night Party, after exam parties and the annual ball
  • Delivery of student forums on cultural diversity, the ice epidemic, women’s leadership and the student symposium
  • Grants to each College Society to support their activities and provide merchandise
  • Operational grants to the International Student Association and VU Postgraduate Association to support events and activities tailored to international and postgraduate students
  • Textbook grant
  • WIL grant.
Sport and Health
  • Sports stadium courts refurbishment at Footscray Park campus
  • Hosting the Southern University Games event
  • Delivery of VU Sport accredited Short Courses programs, including first aid, pool lifeguard, CPR, defibrillation, anaphylaxis, emergency asthma management
  • Sport facilities discounted membership and access charges for students
  • Support for sport programs and activity including individuals and teams in intervarsity, regional and national (Unigames) competition, sporting club come and try's, training and competition, participation in community and fitness events (VUnite) and volunteer and team management.

SSAF Student Experience Initiative Grants

Since 2013, SSAF Student Experience Initiatives funding has helped students and staff provide student amenities, services and activities that contribute to a positive student experience of a non-academic nature. 

2016 SSAF Student Experience Initiative Grant projects

Recipient Project title Project description Project status
College of Arts and Education (Youth Work) Youth Pop-Up Truck Service Funds to support the next phase of the pop-up service to provide services to vulnerable or disadvantaged students, provide them peer-to-peer support, mentoring and so on.  Partially complete – due to be completed in Semester 1, 2017
College of Health and Biomedicine – Midwifery Poster Presentation Day Provide food and drinks for the students in a research presentation event. Complete
Kindred Studios The Victoria University Music Awards (VUMAS) Develop and host an entertaining and engaging event that celebrates and recognises student achievement and talent. Complete
VU Student Paramedic Association Subsidising AUSLAN Course for Student Health Professionals Provide AUSLAN course to students so they can communicate with Australia's deaf population. Complete
Centre for Student Success – Student Transition Mentors Women's Room Mural Competition and Working Bee Mural competition for the women's room located in Footscray Park followed by a mural working bee to execute the chosen design. Complete
Individual student recipient Terra Nullius Financial assistance required to create a short documentary film, Terra Nullius, aimed at the lives of individuals who continue to fight for Aboriginal independence and recognition. Complete

Funding allocations

The University takes a formula approach to the allocation of SSAF funds and grants each year, which embodies flexible funding arrangements to ensure some fixed funds as well as the ability to access short-term funds to pilot initiatives and/or meet a short-term need. This approach accommodates both need and demand at the same time, allowing for greater flexibility in the delivery of SSAF-funded student services and activities.

This model is centrally governed, managed and administered by Student Services on behalf of the University. It includes:

  • base allocation funding for all services currently approved for SSAF; the amount related to activity/service based costings (the allocation and funding value reviewed annually via Funding Applications and in line with University budget forecasts and business planning)
  • an allocation for initiatives grants
  • capital allowance for the improvement of student amenities by Student Services
  • funding to support student organisations; and
  • contingency for unexpected growth in usage and/or emerging needs allocation for services not currently funded by SSAF.

The review of applications for funding and grants each year takes into consideration feedback from students provided through data collection, engagement and consultation as well as feedback from the University community, to ascertain the needs and demands for allocation priorities each year.

Feedback & questions

Your input on how you want to see your SSAF allocated is vital to this process. To provide feedback, please speak to the Victoria University Student Union( VUSU) or complete the online SSAF feedback form.

Search the ASKVU knowledge base to find answers or ask a question.