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SSAF student consultation & fee management

The Student Services and Amenities Fees are charged in accordance with the Higher Education Support Act 2003 and the Administration Guidelines made under the Act. Revenue from the fee is spent in accordance with the Act and only on services and amenities allowable under the guidelines.

The SSAF fee is managed by the University’s Student Services department, led by the Director, Student Services, who manages the governance and administration of the fee under the Vice-President, Students, Infrastructure and Digital Technology.

Full management and governance details can be found in the Student Services Amenities Governance Framework.

SSAF Consultative Committee

To make sure that your SSAF is used responsibly, VU created the Student Services and Amenities Fee Consultative Committee. The committee oversees the governance, management and implementation of SSAF-funded initiatives each year. The committee meets every two months to review all comments received via the SSAF feedback form and submissions for SSAF Student Experience Initiative Grants.

The committee consists of an equal number of students and staff from areas that receive SSAF funding, and is chaired by Naomi Dempsey, Director, Student Services. See the Terms of Reference for the current list of representatives.

Join the SSAF Consultative Committee

VU values student input into our decision making. The committee meets every two months and gives students a chance to make recommendations for the distribution of SSAF funds.

The positions are open to all Victoria Polytechnic and VU students.

If you're interested in joining the committee, read the Terms of Reference of the SSAF Consultative Committee before writing your expression of interest.

Student representation on the SSAF Consultative Committee has been finalised for the period ending August 2017. If you'd like to join the committee in the future, please email for more details.

Tell us how to invest

We want to know how you want to see your SSAF allocated. To provide feedback, please speak to VUSU or complete the online feedback form.

Student consultation calendar

The University's SSAF Student Consultation Calendar shows the main opportunities for students to share their opinions on SSAF and where their SSAF fees should be spent.

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