Your SSAF contribution

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is a compulsory student fee that was created by the Australian Parliament in October 2011. SSAF is your way of contributing to making VU a better place for everyone. It’s designed to be used for non-academic things that benefit all students.

Thanks to your SSAF contribution, we have services like:

  • career and financial advice
  • student clubs and societies
  • counselling
  • advocacy 
  • orientation
  • mobile charging facilities
  • microwaves and fridges in your student lounges
  • exam reviver stations
  • campus-run events
  • sport and recreational activities.

SSAF means you get a great campus experience, free support services and modern facilities, and that we can focus our funding on improving your learning and teaching experience and investing in cutting edge research.

Tell us how you'd like us to invest your SSAF.

In 'Your SSAF contribution':

Who pays SSAF?

Most enrolled students need to pay SSAF, either as a separate fee or as part of their tuition fees. You can also apply for a loan to pay for your SSAF.

You pay SSAF as a separate fee if you:

  • have a Commonwealth-supported place (higher education HECS students)
  • belong to the Higher Education and Skills Group – formerly Skills Victoria (funding for TAFE students).

You pay SSAF as part of your tuition fees if you are:

  • an international student
  • a full-fee student or a fee-for-service student.

You don't pay SSAF if you are:

  • a TAFE student studying fewer than 25 hours per year
  • a TAFE student enrolled in the Course in Concurrent Study (code 10103NAT)
  • receiving advanced standing for your entire course
  • an asylum seeker (referred to the University and sponsored by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre)
  • a VU employee on contract for a period of at least 12 months or ongoing on a time fraction of 0.5 or more (see instructions on the Staff Status Declaration)
  • a HE student studying off-campus.

2018 SSAF fees

Who pays SSAF?
  VE/TAFE students Higher education (HE) domestic students
Full time $208.60
(government funded students with no concession, studying 541 hours or more per year)
$149 per semester with a maximum of $298
Part-time $104.30
(government funded students with no concession, studying 25–540 hours or more per year)
$74.50 per semester with a maximum of $149.00
Off-campus & Industry training $44.70
(students studying off campus)
Concession $89.40
(students currently eligible for concession rates on tuition)


SSAF payment due dates 

Your SSAF, if you need to pay it, will be itemised on your VU statement of account (SOA).

HE SSAF payment dates

SSAF is charged per academic semester for HE students.

SSAF will be charged based on your enrolment in:

  • summer school 2017/2018 and semester 1 2018 which is due on the 02 March 2018
  • winter school and semester 2 2018 which is due on the on the 27 July 2018.

HE students may apply to defer their SSAF payment by applying for an SA-HELP loan (find out more on this page).

VE/TAFE SSAF payment dates

SSAF is charged on an annual basis for VE/TAFE students.

If you're a VE/TAFE student, your SSAF is payable as soon as you enrol to begin your studies. 

VE/TAFE students are not eligible to defer SSAF with a SA-HELP loan.

Applying for a SA-HELP loan

If you're an HE student you may be eligible to defer your SSAF payment with a SA-HELP loan. You're eligible if you:

  • are an Australian citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder resident in Australia
  • are a New Zealand special category visa holder who meets the long-term residency requirements
  • are enrolled in an eligible course of study with a higher education provider
  • meet the tax file number (TFN) requirements.

If you'd like to apply for a SA-HELP loan, please visit a VUHQ Student Service Centre to get a copy of the Request for SA-HELP Assistance form.

Submission closing date for SA-HELP loan

Submit your form at any VUHQ by the following dates:

  • 23 March 2018 for summer school 2017/2018 and Semester 1 2018
  • 17 August 2018 for winter school and Semester 2 2018.

If you are enrolled into more than one course, you will need to fill in two SA-HELP form and provide your Tax File Number for each course.

If you do not provide your TFN for both courses, you will be required to pay your SSAF upfront.

Find out more about SA-HELP loans by visiting the Australian Government's Study Assist website.

Feedback & questions

Your input on how you want to see your SSAF allocated is vital to this process. To provide feedback, please speak to the Victoria University Student Union( VUSU) or complete the online SSAF feedback form

Search the ASKVU knowledge base to find answers or ask a question.

Each year we survey students about the services and support brought to you by SSAF. In 2017 we distributed the survey to 24,093 students and received 1,044 (4.3%) responses.
Student feedback has contributed to improving the student experience.  For example, past survey results indicated that students wanted better food and drink options on campus. VU took this on board by upgrading equipment in student kitchens across the Victorian campuses and refurbished the kitchen in Building M, Footscray Park. There is an increasing range of food and drink retailers on or near all campuses.
Student feedback also indicated a lack of awareness around the careers and employability services available to them. VU's new Learning Hubs offer workshops, drop-in sessions and advice on careers and employability, as well as general academic support. The Learning Hubs are easily accessible and are engaging in an awareness campaign to ensure students are familiar with the available services.