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Login to MyVU to view your invoice/statement of account. Your tuition fees and invoice will be based on your enrolment, so it's important that you are correctly enrolled.

Your invoice/statement of account details:

  • how to pay your fees
  • how much you need to pay
  • when to pay your fees.

You must pay your fees by the due date on your statement of account (available via MyVU), except for fees deferred through HECS-HELP, SA-HELP, FEE-HELP or VET Student Loan. 

If you don't pay your fees on time, or provide your tax file number to defer your fees by census date, you might incur late fees, have your enrolment cancelled and lose your place in your course.

If you need an updated account, please ask a question in Ask VU, phone +61 3 9919 6100 or visit a VUHQ (Student Service Centre).

In 'Pay your fees':

Non-payment of fees

All enrolled students (including Skills First eligible Certificate trial students) will incur a financial penalty of $155 if fees are not paid by the due date. This applies if:

  • paying fees upfront but have not paid by the due date
  • deferring fees and want to make full or partial payment of tuition fee after due date but before census date
  • deferring fees but have not paid materials and amenities fee by census date (Diploma only).

Students enrolled in a Certificate level course will incur a financial penalty of $155 if:

  • a payment plan has not been organised for outstanding fees.

Enrolment cancellation

Enrolment cancellations apply to students enrolled in a Diploma qualification or above whose tuition fees remain outstanding at the relevant census date.

Your enrolment will not be cancelled for outstanding materials and amenities fees – debt collection action will be initiated instead.

Certificate level students will not be cancelled – debt collection action will be initiated instead.

Commonwealth supported students

To avoid the cancellation of your enrolment, students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place are required to:

  • pay your student contribution upfront by the due date or
  • provide your Tax File Number by census date if eligible to defer.

Full-fee paying students

If you are enrolled in a full-fee place, and are not eligible for government subsidies or deferral of fees, you must pay your fees by census date. If you don't pay by the due date, your enrolment will be cancelled. This applies to:

  • international students
  • local full-fee paying students.

Debt collection action

If your enrolment has not been cancelled and fees remain outstanding after census or the relevant due date, you may be referred to an external debt collection agency for recovery of the debt.

If debt collection action is taken, you'll be liable to pay your outstanding fees immediately, along with a late payment fee of $155 and an additional general fee of $155 to cover the referral costs.

Depending on the actions undertaken by the debt collectors, further costs may be incurred for which you may be liable.

Reinstatement of enrolment

You (HE & VE students) may incur a penalty of $155 for your enrolment to be reinstated after cancellation, in addition to any applicable late payment fees.

Rectification of student record

You (HE & VE students) may incur a penalty of $155 if your error or omission (failure to provide accurate information) results in the need for changes to your student record. 

Legal action will be undertaken if:

  • All debt collection activities have been completed and;
  • You have not paid in full, organised a payment plan or have defaulted in a payment plan and;
  • You have not lodged a formal complaint within the Integrity Office to dispute the charges or;
  • A decision has been made in regards to your dispute and you have not taken any further action.

Once the legal action is initiated, you may be liable for the legal costs incurred. The legal cost is based on the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria scale costs and varies for each account.

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