Short extensions & special consideration

If you experience unexpected circumstances that impact your ability to complete an assignment, you can apply for special consideration or a short extension.

Short extensions

You can apply for short extensions of time (maximum five (5) days) for assessments through your College Course and Unit Administrator (CUA) .

Send the application for short extension for submission of assessable work to your CUA at least one (1) working day before the assessment due date.

Short extensions may be granted for:

  • unavoidable work commitments
  • family, cultural, religious or elite sporting commitments known in advance
  • other unexpected circumstances outside a student’s control.

We recommend that you attach documentary evidence such as a letter from a relevant authority (e.g. employer).

For extensions of more than five (5) days, or short extension applications after the deadline, submit a special consideration application.

TAFE students assignment extensions

If you need additional time to submit your assignment, please complete the TAFE Student request for extension to assessment.

Special consideration

Special consideration is available if unexpected circumstances affect your ability to complete an assessment, or if you need an assessment extension longer than five (5) days. You may be eligible to receive special consideration for:

  • assignments
  • examinations
  • laboratory experiments
  • literature reports
  • portfolios
  • presentations
  • tests.

Applying for special consideration

When applying for special consideration, you will need to complete the following steps before submitting a special consideration application form.

1. Check that you are eligible

Check that you are eligible according to the Adjustments to Assessment Procedure.

Sample reasons to apply for special consideration

  • Student A was unwell on the day of her exam. She asked her doctor to complete a Treating Professional Supporting Document or a medical certificate and uploaded this to an online special consideration application the day after the exam.
  • Student B needed more time for an assignment because of something unexpected (he had to attend a funeral interstate). He applied for special consideration online, attaching supporting documents (funeral notice, flight details and a statutory declaration).
  • Student C was in hospital on the day of his exam and all the following week. He could not submit a special consideration application before the deadline (within 3 days of the exam). Because it was a late application, he wrote a half-page letter explaining his exceptional circumstances. He also attached a statement from the hospital showing the dates of his stay and a Treating Professional Supporting Document or a medical certificate completed by his doctor.
  • Student D was unable to do an in-class presentation because of an unavoidable work commitment. Knowing this in advance, she contacted her Unit Convenor to discuss her options. She then applied for a short extension well before the due date, attaching an official letter from her employer.

2. Gather your supporting documentation

If your reason for applying is due to a medical condition:

  • Ask your medical practitioner or other treating professional (such as a counsellor) to complete the relevant section of the Treating Professional Supporting Document or supply a medical certificate.
  • If you have seen a non-VU counsellor about problems affecting your studies, that person is the more appropriate one to support your application.

If your reason for applying is non-medical, you will need to upload external support verification, such as a letter from your employer, statutory declaration, police statement, funeral notice, letter from another authority or religious leader statement.

3. Complete a special consideration application

Submit an online special consideration application via MyVU within three (3) working days of the assessment due date. This means you have 3 working days after the due date to apply.

You will receive an email confirming successful lodgement of your form. The application processing times can vary, depending on the complexity of your situation and the availability of academic staff.

You will be advised of the outcome via email. If your application is approved, you might be granted an extension of time, a special examination, an alternative assessment, removal of a late penalty or adjustment to marks, depending on your circumstances.

Tips for applying

  • Remember - it is your responsibility to organise your work/other commitments around your assessments. The expectation is that you complete them by the due date!
  • If you know in advance you won't be able to complete an assessment on time, contact your Unit Convenor as soon as possible to discuss options.
  • Stay in touch with your Unit Convenor about your circumstances!
  • Don't forget to attach supporting evidence to your application.

First Year Model students

Please inform your teacher when you lodge an application for Special Consideration. If your circumstances will severely affect your performance for the next 3-4 weeks, you can also withdraw from the unit. Book an appointment with a Course and Unit Advisor to discuss the impact on your course progression. International students can discuss any visa implications during this appointment.

Late applications for special consideration

If you were unable to submit a special consideration application before the deadline, and there were exceptional circumstances that prevented you from lodging in time, your application may still be approved.

  • Write a letter (between a half and a full page in length) describing the exceptional circumstances that caused your application to be late.
  • Apply for special consideration online and upload this letter, along with supporting documentation.

Contact Student Advocacy if you would like further advice as to whether your circumstances may be considered exceptional.

Review of short extension & special consideration decisions

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your application, and you think there are good reasons that this should be reviewed, then you may request your Course Chair to review the decision. You must make the request within three (3) working days of being notified that your application was rejected.

  • Write to your Course Chair (half to one page) outlining the reasons the decision should be reviewed. Attach the documents from your original application along with any other relevant evidence.
  • If you don’t know who your Course Chair is, ask the Student Service Centre or find their details on your College webpage.

You should be notified of the outcome within three (3) working days through your VU email.