Exam & assessment support

For a lot of students, exam times can be very stressful, where other issues in life seem to be amplified, and what you should be able to cope with can suddenly feel overwhelming.

Coping with anxiety leading up to exams

The Counselling services can help you work on strategies and skills for the exam period in order to cope with exam anxiety.

During the exam period, there are special drop-in times organised to ensure you can see a counsellor urgently - this is available in the month leading up to and including the exam period. Counsellors are also available at the exam venue for drop-in sessions.

Support for special consideration

You can apply for special consideration if you experience unexpected circumstances that have an adverse impact on:

  • performance in the assessable tasks
  • submission of assessment tasks
  • attending examinations (previously special exam application).

Special consideration applications can be used for ANY form of assessment, such as:

  • assignments
  • examinations
  • laboratory experiments
  • literature reports
  • portfolios
  • presentations
  • tests.

Find out more, and apply for, special consideration.

Exam & study tips workshops

Check our 5 simple techniques to combat exam stress.

Lunchtime Skills workshops (open to all students) are run each semester from weeks 2 to 12, 1-1:45pm most days, in the Learning Commons / Library at City Flinders, Footscray Park and St Albans campuses. In Weeks 11 and 12 we cover exam success tips.

Contact a VU Counsellor

You can consult a VU counsellor to discuss the matters that have disrupted your studies. As well as assisting you to manage the situation, the counsellor may also support your application for special consideration if appropriate.

To make the processes smoother, complete as much of the Special Consideration form as you can and bring it to your scheduled appointment or meeting with a Counsellor.

Should you have any concerns about special consideration, make an appointment to see a VU Counsellor.