You may be eligible to sit an alternative exam or apply for special consideration if your performance in the exam was seriously affected due to illness or you were unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances.

Supplementary assessment is also available to higher education students whose mark falls between 45 and 49.

If you are feeling anxious about your exams we offer exam support services to help you cope. You can also make an appointment to see one of our counsellors.

Alternative examinations

You are expected to be available for the duration of the published examination periods. In exceptional circumstances, you can apply for an alternative examination time within the current examination period.

You must also complete a separate form for each unit of study in which an alternative exam time is requested. The completed form must be lodged at a Student Service Centre at least five (5) working days prior to the commencement of the examination period.

Reasons for alternative examinations

Alternative examinations will only be approved in the following circumstances:

  • medical or compassionate grounds, such as confinement, surgery or illness (supporting documentary evidence must be attached to the application form)
  • military service, supporting documentary evidence must be attached to the application form
  • work commitments, circumstances beyond control (a letter on company letterhead from an employer confirming this must be attached to the application form)
  • competitive sporting events, at state, national or international level (a letter on company letterhead from the sporting body confirming this must be attached to the application form)
  • wedding, only student's own or that of a close relative (a Statutory Declaration must accompany the application)
  • religious convictions, a letter from a religious leader must accompany the application
  • other exceptional circumstances, (eg. jury service, your exam timetable falls outside the timetabling guidelines), a statutory declaration should accompany this application

Applications for alternative examinations will not be approved unless they fall within one of the above categories or in exceptional circumstances beyond your control and supporting documentation is provided.

Applications for alternative examinations will not be approved where you wish to return home early (except on compassionate grounds with supporting documentation). Booked plane/train/boat tickets for overseas or domestic travel is not considered an adequate reason for an alternative examination.

For more information please refer to the Adjustments to Assessment Procedure.

Supplementary examinations

Higher education students who receive an E grade may be offered supplementary assessment for the unit in the form of an exam. A formal supplementary exam period applies to semester one and semester two exams. These exams are held at the St Albans campus. Timetables for supplementary exams will be available on MyVU.

Your College or unit of study lecturer will have information on supplementary exams during all other exam periods. If you would like information about all other units of study please follow the advice provided to you by your College.

It is your responsibility to find out whether you have a supplementary exam and when it will be held.

If your mark is between 45 and 49 and your unit is eligible, you may qualify for a supplementary assessment of the unit. You will need to contact your lecturer to find out how the supplementary assessment will be provided.

Supplementary assessments are available in undergraduate, graduate entry bachelor courses and HE non-award courses, where performance is being assessed by the university and postgraduate coursework units. They are not available in:

  • block
  • honours courses
  • the honours component of a degree with honours
  • VET enabling or bridging courses
  • postgraduate research courses
  • where the grade awarded is the outcome of a determination under the Student Misconduct Procedure (as specified in clause 76).

Please refer to the Supplementary Assessment and Conceded Pass Procedure for more information.

Special consideration

You may apply for special consideration if you experienced unexpected circumstances which:

  • had an adverse impact on your performance in an examination
  • prevented you from attending your scheduled examinations.

If you require extension of time in an exam you must either be:

Applying for special consideration

Applications for special consideration must be lodged online, except if exceptional circumstances apply.

You need to apply within three (3) working days of the assessment submission date. This time frame can be waived under exceptional circumstances.

Find out more about applying for special consideration.