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Sport & Exercise Science course delivery plans

International students

Part-time study is generally not available to international student visa holders. Full-time study is required to complete within the duration of your eCoE.

View the international version of your course page to see relevant fee, admission and study mode information for international students.

If you will be studying with VU, we strongly encourage you to attend your enrolment information session. First time enrolling students will receive information session details in their letter of offer. For re-enrolling students please see the enrolment schedule for details.

Please refer to your course delivery plan on this page to see if you need to enrol in subjects/units in a particular sequence. It is your responsibility to check that you have completed any pre-requisite and co-requisite units for your chosen units of study.

Plans are published as they become available.

If your delivery plan is not available yet, you can check your course structure by referring to your course page.

Enrolment for all courses is completed online.

Bachelor degree courses

Applied Science (Honours)(Human Movement) – HHHM

Arts (Honours)(Sport Administration) – HHSA

Exercise Science (Clinical Practice) – ABHE

Exercise Science (Sport Practice) – ABHD

Physical Education and Sport Science – SBPH (SBPE continuing students)

Sport and Recreation Management – ABSR (continuing students)

Sport and Recreation Management/Business – ABSS (continuing students)

Sport and Recreation Management/Business (Marketing) – ABRK (continuing students)

Sport and Recreation Management/Business Management – ABRM (continuing students)

Sport and Recreation Management/Exercise Science and Human Movement – ABHR (continuing students)

Sport Coaching – ABHS

Sport Management – SBSM

Sport Management/Business – SBSB

Sport Science (Exercise Science) – ABHF

Sport Science (Human Movement) – ABHG

Sport Science (Human Movement)/Psychological Studies – SBHP (ABHP continuing students)

Sport Science (Human Movement)/Sport Management – SBHS

Graduate Certificate courses

Sport Integrity – STSI

Sports Science (Football Performance) – STFB

Graduate Diploma courses

Sport Business and Integrity – SGSI

Master degree courses

Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation – AMEP

Sport Business and Integrity – SMSI

Sports Science (Football Performance) – SMFB

Unit equivalency

Some unit codes have been updated. Check the unit equivalency list to find the new unit code.

Further information

Find out more about what happens on the day for students enrolling at VU for the first time, as well as re-enrolment processes for our returning students.

If you need to get extra advice from your course coordinator, please make an appointment with them prior to your enrolment session.