VU Collaborate

At VU, we encourage and support online learning to ensure our students are having a great experience. We have a learning management system (LMS) called VU Collaborate.

Using VU Collaborate you can:

  • view content and materials related to your studies
  • upload and conduct assessments online, such as assignment submission and quizzes
  • communicate and collaborate with your peers, tutors and instructors
  • stay up to date with your learning progress.

Logging in to VU Collaborate

We recommend that you use Google Chrome as the preferred browser.

Use MYVU Portal to login to VU Collaborate.

Log in with your "s" number (s1234567) and your AD login password (same as computer and email login).

Once logged in to MYVU Portal, click on the ‘VU Collaborate’ link under ‘My Learning’.

Access units or online spaces

All students have access to a Student Induction Space.

The Student Induction Space allows you to try out VU Collaborate as a student and learn more about the common tools that can support you in your studies.

Other units or online spaces will be available on VU Collaborate one week before semester begins – if you are unsure about anything, ask your lecturer or teacher.

Help & troubleshooting

We have created a VU Collaborate Student Help site, which has information on:

  • supported browsers
  • computer requirements
  • general troubleshooting.

You can access help:

  • within the VU Collaborate application after you have logged into MYVU Portal. Click on the Support Link > Student Help
  • directly from the VU Collaborate Student Help site.

ITS Service Desk help

Contact ITS Service Desk on +61 3 9919 2777 if you:

  • have issues logging in
  • experience system errors or technical errors
  • cannot find information related to your issues and continue to have problems.

Previous units

All units and courses are now on VU Collaborate, unless otherwise specified by your instructor.

Contact us

For help relating to VU Collaborate:

  • Contact your lecturer
  • Go to the VU Collaborate Student Help site (also available within VU Collaborate under the Support link )
  • Contact ITS Service Desk via phone on +61 3 9919 2777 or use the ITS self-service tool to log an issue or request
  • Ask a question through ASKVU.