Become an Aussie Mate at VU

This is a wonderful opportunity for local students to help a Study Abroad or Exchange student settle into life in Melbourne.

This program will enable you to build your leadership skills, grow as a person, and get a better understanding of how VU operates. 

Once you have registered to be an Aussie Mate, you can join the Aussie Mates Facebook group to contribute to the discussions or to see the sorts of activities our Aussie Mates get up to.

Expectations of Aussie Mates

Aussie Mates at their first AFL football match.

You will help orient students who are new to VU and to Melbourne.

In so doing you will help your peers, and improve the sense of community at VU.

You will assist them with:

  • settling in to VU
  • living in Melbourne
  • finding out about services that can help them
  • help them discover Australia, and the differences from their home country.

Benefits of being an Aussie Mate

You'll be helping fellow students settle in to life in Melbourne, a good feeling to have.

Being an Aussie Mate you'll:

  • receive a certificate of participation (handy for your CV)
  • get to know other cultures
  • make friends with students from all over the globe
  • have the chance to participate in lots of fun social events.

Apply to be an Aussie Mate

Apply now if you have one or more years of experience of studying at VU.

Register to become an Aussie Mate, or to ask further questions about the program.

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