Our College equips graduates for success in the real world with a world-class moot program. A moot court is a mock court which simulates the proceedings of a live court room (or a similar dispute resolution setting).

Your participation in the program offers a significant professional advantage. You are able to develop your legal skills to be better equipped for practise in the real world.

We pride ourselves on our mooting community – you will be able to talk to mentor students who have already participated in the program and learn from their own experiences.


Mooting competitions are regularly offered locally and internationally and give you the opportunity to participate and match your skills against other students. They are a great way for you to develop fundamental skills to better help your career. By participating in competitions you get a chance to practice what you learn in the classroom.

VU has been successfully represented over the years, most recently being awarded the winner of the 2014 Shanghai Moot competition, competing against 28 international law schools. In 2013 the VU team finished in the top 5 per cent of international law schools in the Vis Moot competition, which included some of the world's best universities such as Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, the London School of Economics, and the University of Munster.

Kirby Moot

VU holds the Hon. Michael Kirby Contract Law Moot Competition – a four day annual competition for teams across Australia. In 2015 there were a total of 30 teams from 18 Australian universities, making the event the largest Moot Court Competition in Australia.

Since beginning in 2011, the Moot has become a fixture in the legal calendar and has strong support from the County Court of Victoria, members of the Victorian Bar, various law firms and practical legal training institutions.

The 2015 Moot was a resounding success with the VU team the only Victorian team to advance to the semi-finals.

Jessup Moot

2015 Jessup Moot team: Lucienne Galea, Gerard Everett and Adelle Incledon

The Jessup Moot is considered to be one of Australia’s most prestigious moots and requires law students from across Australia to prepare and submit written arguments on a hypothetical public international law problem before travelling to the nation’s capital to make oral submissions against teams from other law schools which are judged by international law experts.

Our 2015 Jessup Moot Team was awarded the Best Newcomer Award for their involvement in the Australian round this year. They were also awarded the Spirit of the Jessup Moot Award, performing exceptionally well against Australia’s top law schools.

Gerard Everett, Lucienne Galea and Adelle Incledon travelled to Canberra to compete in the Jessup Moot at Australian National University as a team of three rather than the usual five, due to last minute withdrawals.

The team were recognised for their hard work and dedication at the Awards Dinner, when they were awarded the Spirit of Jessup Award as voted by the other universities’ coaches and the James Crawford Award for Best Performing Newcomer Team.

Australian and New Zealand Air Law Moot (ANZALM)

Presiding adjudicators Dan Mori, Andrew Tulloch and Ron Salter

In July 2014 the inaugural Australian and New Zealand Air Law Moot competition (ANZALM) was held with 4 teams across Australia and New Zealand competing. The moot was the first relating specifically to aviation law to be held in Australia and open to students across Australia and New Zealand.

Winners John Brinsley-Pirie and Kimberly Lawrence

The unique nature of the VU hosted ANZALM highlights both the specialist and the broad-encompassing dimensions (especially international) of aviation law.

University of Otago and RMIT University proceeded to the grand final, with Otago University being the eventual winning team.


ANZALM 2014 was sponsored by:

  • Aviation Law Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • Australian Federation of Air Pilots
  • the International Institute of Air and Space Law, Leiden University, the Netherlands
  • Shine Lawyers
  • the College of Law and Justice, Victoria University.