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Career Development & Employability program (Sport & Exercise Science)

The College of Sport & Exercise Science at Victoria University offers undergraduate courses that include a Career Development and Employability (CDE) program.

Each course is designed to meet different needs in preparing students for a vocation in the fields of:

  • sport and exercise science
  • sport management
  • sport coaching
  • recreation
  • exercise physiology.

About the program

The program teaches skills for lifelong career management by providing sport, exercise and recreation industry placements linked to embedded curriculum. All placements are covered by a current Career Development & Employment placement contract that formally recognises the student's CDE involvement with a community organisation.

Career development and employability education is a core unit in the second and/or final years of most degree courses within the College. You can gain a level of self-understanding that will enable you to target a job that matches your personality, career values, interests and preferred job skills. As well as career-focused education, you will develop a career portfolio of real work achievements while studying. These are acquired during their course through:

  • class-based learning in the workplace
  • 70 and/or 140 hours of career placement
  • voluntary or paid work opportunities provided by over 350 sport, exercise and recreation organisations who recruit College of Sport and Exercise Science students each year.

Check out the CDE website for the College of Sport & Exercise Science.

Benefits of the program

Our students often gain part time jobs in the industry as a consequence of their first placement. Career placements also enable students to establish valuable networks in the sport, exercise and recreation industry and to develop employability skills and workplace achievements.

The CDE program provides you with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable you to strategically manage your own career development during and after your degree.

All of these work opportunities will enable you to graduate with a "sport, exercise and recreation professional identity and career portfolio".

If you're a final year student you will find that your final career placement will help position your for your first full time sport, exercise and recreation job after you graduate.

You should be able use your career portfolio of work achievements to effectively market yourself to potential employers as a standout job candidate.

CDE course requirements

College courses that include CDE in their programs have differing CDE requirements. Students undertake 1 or 2 CDE units tailored to the specific requirements of their course. These may include the following units:

  • SSM2002 Career Development and Employability 1
  • SSM3003 Career Development and Employability 2
  • AHE3120 Exercise Science Career Development

CDE contacts

Full documentation, guidelines and information on CDE website.

Career Development & Employability Programs Officer

Ruth Gadsby (for CDE Contract Management and Administration)

Phone: +61 3 9919 5539
Fax: +61 3 9919 5572

CDE Coordinator

Mary Grant

Phone: +61 3 9919 4534
Fax: +61 3 9919 5572