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Aurora Native Title Internship program

The Aurora program aims to provide assistance to under-resourced and over-worked Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRBs) as well as to various other organisations working in these areas including Indigenous corporations, government bodies, community groups and other policy organisations.

NTRBs employ lawyers, anthropologists and other researchers, field officers and administrative staff to represent and support Indigenous communities in native title claims, advocacy and other negotiations. Other host organisations advocate policies of reconciliation and equal rights for Indigenous Australians while some provide assistance to Indigenous communities with cultural heritage activities, as well as associated business and community-based initiatives.


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County Court Internship program

The County Court Internship program is a joint initiative of the College of Law & Justice, Victoria University and the County Court.

The program allows students to spend a week observing court processes with County Court Judge Phillip Misso as he undertakes his judicial duties, including conducting research for judgments.

The four day intensive internship offers students the opportunity to gain experience and insight into the County Court structure and its inner workings. The internship includes daily lectures by a sitting County Court Judge and behind the scene tours of the various areas in the court building including a Judge's chambers and Registry.

Students in this program gain a practical and detailed understanding of the how the County Court works, how a file is run from start to finish, and exposure to various court proceedings.

Applications for the semester have closed, for more information please contact the program coordinator, Nussen Ainsworth +61 3 9919 1894.

Supreme Court Internship program

The College of Law & Justice is piloting the internship along with the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal. The program will be modelled on the intensive county internship program and offers students the opportunity to gain experience and insight into the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal structure and its inner workings.

The Hon. Justice Maxwell, President Court of Appeal and Adjunct Professor of the College of Law and Justice, is the supervising Justice for the program.

Applications for the semester have closed, for more information please contact the program coordinator, Nussen Ainsworth +61 3 9919 1894.

Victorian Parliamentary Internship Program

The Victorian Parliamentary Internship Program is a collaborative partnership between the Parliament of Victoria, the University of Melbourne, Monash University and Victoria University. Third-year political science students in the College of Arts, and those doing an Arts/Law combination have the opportunity to apply for exciting program.

Students in this program will work under the supervision of a Member of the Victorian Parliament.

Students participating in the program are required to:

  • attend induction and research seminars
  • keep a journal
  • write a reflective essay
  • submit a 6,000 word research report which, after assessment, will be filed in the Victorian Parliamentary Library.

This unit is specifically designed to acquaint students with the structures and processes of contemporary state government, parliamentary research and report writing, and to develop reflective and analytic awareness of these structures, processes, and modes of research.


Applicants are selected on academic results and completing an application form available from the coordinator, Dr Edward Lock.

Applications for the 2017 Program are due on 25 November 2016.

Further information about the Victoria Parliamentary Internship

Phone: +61 3 9919 4172
Web: Victorian Parliamentary Internship Program: A collaborative partnership.

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