VU Employ is here to provide you with advice and support along every step of your career journey – from crafting your resume for casual employment to exploring your graduate career options.

We have a range of career support services, resources and employability programs.

If you’re a current student or recent VU graduate, we're here to make sure you have the skills, experience, confidence and knowledge needed to be job and career ready.

Career counselling & advice

Career advice

Chat to one of our career consultants via an email drop-in on a range of career topics including:

  • preparing job applications
  • networking
  • job search strategies.

You can also email us your resume and job applications to get personalised feedback.

Career consultations

Our team of highly qualified and experienced career consultants are available for virtual career counselling appointments delivered via zoom or phone.

Consultations are 45 minutes and are available for students who require more detailed career advice and guidance.

To access career advice and consultations, get in touch by email.

Email: [email protected].

Online career resources

From career planning to sample resumes and interview tips, we have a range of resources to help support you through each step of your careers and employment journey.

We have designed our resources to help get you started. However, we know each situation is unique, so we're available to provide career support.

Open: Monday to Friday
Email: [email protected]
Access our range of resourcesVU Employ Collaborate

Job boards

Finding a job can be one of the most challenging projects you will undertake, so we’ve put together a few sites to help you get started and supercharge your job hunt.

Job searching

Search for part-time, holiday or graduate positions on VU's Learning Hub job board.

Read articles and search for career opportunities on our careers directory.

VU Employ Collaborate

From career planning to sample resumes and interview tips, we have a range of resources available. Plus you can keep up to date with our upcoming career and employability activities on VU Collaborate.

Careers toolkit

Our Careers Toolkit is an interactive online platform you can access 24/7 to assist you with your job applications, interview skills, employability and career planning.

Log in required (with your student/staff email and password).

Access careers toolkit

Interactive tools

Resume 360, Interview 360, Cover letter builder

Careers assessments

Career Pulse, personality, strengths, learning styles and motivations

Aptitude tests

Numerical, verbal, inductive and e-tray


Career Ready Award

Through the Career Ready Award, you can collect points for participating in over 80 hours of career development activities designed to boost your employability.

This award will set you up for success and develop the skills, abilities and knowledge to advance in your career. Plus you will receive a certificate for your achievements and the Career Ready Award on your VU Extra Transcript.

Talent Connect Mentoring

The Talent Connect Mentoring programs will match you with a mentor to guide you in the transition from university to work.

Through a series of mentoring sessions, you will gain advice and support regarding your employability skills, career direction, networking job applications and much more!


GradWISE and VU Employ have partnered to provide enhanced careers and employability support for students living with a disability, illness or injury to improve employment opportunities.

Through one-on-one, group activities like career workshops and masterclasses, the GradWISE program will give you the skills, experience and assistance you need in finding your perfect graduate role.

Connect via VU Employ or contact [email protected].

Workshops & events

Throughout the year we offer specialised career workshops, employability-related festivals and career expos. You can search VU Employ Workshops and book online.

Attending career-related industry events is a great way to explore different pathways, build your network and meet recruiters and employers directly.

Keep up to date with upcoming activities on our VU Employ Collaborate space.

VU Employ News

In the latest Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS), which asks Australian employers to rank graduates highly for leadership, management, flexibility and initiative, VU dominated with top results including number one in Australia for employability.

In response to the restrictions in place during COVID-19, the VU Employ careers team launched several digital initiatives, which have seen record levels of engagement. They include online career counselling and support, and a 4-part program for students transitioning from university to work.

Manager of VU Employ, Amy Liston said:

“We have seen a dramatic increase of student engagement with our digital programs, the online model provides a widely accessible service which our students have embraced. As and when we return to campus, there is a place for maintaining both online and face to face services to support our students.”

Read more about these initiatives following.

From industry-based work placements, to mentorship opportunities and employability assistance, VU links students to a network of more than 4000 industry connections.

Employers have ranked graduates of Victoria University (VU) as having the most employable skills in Australia, according to the country’s most comprehensive survey of employer satisfaction released today.

In addition to taking out the top gong nationally for Employability Skills at 92.8%, VU impressively ranked second in Australia for Adaptive Skills and Collaborative Skills, and third in Australia for Foundation Skills.

Employability Skills include crucial attributes such as:

  • working under pressure
  • being flexible in the workplace
  • meeting deadlines
  • understanding the nature of the business
  • demonstrating leadership/management skills
  • taking responsibility for professional development
  • initiative.

The independent Australian Government funded 2020 Employer Satisfaction Survey measured 3430 employer views on the attributes of recent graduates to assess the quality of Australia’s higher education sector.

The ESS is the first national survey that links the experiences of graduates to the views of their direct supervisors. It is undertaken systematically, asking employed graduates who participated in the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) to provide the contact details of their supervisor for questions about the generic skills, technical skills and work-readiness of the graduate employed in their workplace.

Preparing graduates for employment success amid a pandemic

In 2020, Australia is entering its first recession in 29 years. The full impact of coronavirus-related shutdowns has caused the unemployment rate to hit 7.1%, the highest jobless rate since 2001. This is seeing an increasing number of students seeking career support from the University’s VU Employ program and signalling greater competition in the job market post-COVID.

Manager VU Employ, Amy Liston said:

“At VU, it is critical that we continue to provide crucial opportunities to our students, both through curriculum and extra-curricular offerings. As the universities career service, VU Employ is actively ensuring students are offered multiple opportunities to flourish as work ready-graduates. Students can access two new programs: The Global Victoria Intellect Program (GVIP) and Enterprise Skills Development program”.

Global Victoria Intellect Program

VU Employ has partnered with Practera and Global Victoria to create the Global Victoria Intellect Program (GVIP), a government initiative that connects domestic and international student teams with Victorian exporters to undertake authentic market intelligence projects. This approach provides students with the opportunity to not only develop enterprise skills, but to learn how to apply them in a professional context.

Enterprise Skills Development Program (ESP)

VU Employ has taken the GVIP a step further by adding more skills training. Students are able to participate in a three-part course that focuses on developing a range of valuable ‘transferable’ skills such as communication, initiative, team work and problem solving, in an authentic work context.

Currently in its second round, it is already boosting positive outcomes for students:

“My journey in the Global Victoria Intellect Program as a Consultant was very insightful. This opportunity to learn experientially has proven itself to be fundamental in my understanding of tackling a real-world business problem through both technical and soft skills.” – VU Student, July 2020 cohort

To find out more about VU Employ programs email: [email protected].

In response to the University’s move to digitally supported remote learning, the VU Employ careers team launched a suite of digital employability initiatives in April. These were designed to help students and graduates hit the ground running to secure new jobs, internships and improve on employability skills. Previously offered as on campus activities, the programs have been adapted and delivered remotely by zoom, email and phone.

VU Employ Online

VU Employ Online commenced during Block 2 (23 March) and has seen record levels of engagement. The service focuses on three elements:

  • online drop-in career support
  • career counselling via Zoom
  • recruitment campaigns to connect students with employment opportunities.

Beyond VU Online

Beyond VU Online is a four-part virtual series, designed for students who are transitioning from university to work. The program includes specialised career sessions to help students develop skills and confidence, and plan for their future beyond VU. Delivered weekly, the program has been redesigned for the Zoom platform and the first session kicked off on 4 May 2020. 

The sessions covered four topics.

Session 1: Career Mapping & Employability 
  • Creating a tailored career map for practical and effective career decisions
  • Understanding what skills employers are looking for in graduates
  • Developing a transition plan to help students take control of their future
Session 2: Job Search Strategies
  • Understanding the Australian job market and where to find vacancies
  • Identifying skills and learning how to apply them to a job search 
  • Learning how to use LinkedIn effectively
Session 3: Creating the Perfect Job Application
  • Learning how to write a competitive job application 
  • The ‘dos and don’ts’ of cover letters
  • Understanding the STAR Model and using it effectively to address key selection criteria
Session 4: Improving your Interview Skills
  • Understanding what employers are looking for in each step of the interview process
  • Building on knowledge of the STAR model and answering tricky interview questions
  • Developing an 'Elevator Pitch' to effectively sell skills to future employers

Feedback from the on campus sessions last November 2019 was overwhelmingly positive. 100% of participants said they would recommend the program to other students and 91.9% rated the session 4-5 (out of 5) for usefulness.

Recent insights from these digital offerings will contribute to the VU Employability Strategy which seeks to improve graduate employment outcomes for both Higher Education and Vocational Education students at Victoria University.

Manager of VU Employ, Amy Liston said:

“In recent weeks we have seen a dramatic increase of student engagement with our digital programs, the online model provides a widely accessible service which our students have embraced. As and when we return to campus, there is a place for maintaining both online and face to face services to support our students.”

As staff we can contribute towards a positive experience for students, help raise awareness of VU programs and opportunities so our students are set up for success beyond VU.

To learn more about these programs, please email VU Employ Manager Amy Liston: [email protected].

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