If you are in your final year or second-to-last year of study at VU, we encourage you to participate in our unique online mentoring programs.

The Talent Connect Mentoring Programs match students (mentees) with a VU Alumnus, friend of VU or with one of VU's many industry partner mentors to assist in the transition from university to work.

Through a series of online mentoring sessions, you can gain advice and support regarding your employability skills, career direction, networking and applications.

All mentee and mentor inductions will be conducted digitally.  All your mentoring meetings will be conducted via a digital forum such as Webex, Zoom, Business Skype or whatever you feel most comfortable using.

Talent Connect Mentoring Programs help you get career-ready as you come to the end of your study. They include:

  • Industry Mentoring
  • Alumni Mentoring.

Benefits of the Talent Connect Programs

Participation allows you to:

  • discover what employers are looking for in new employees/graduates
  • explore options for site visits and job shadowing
  • develop professional networks in your chosen industry
  • raise your awareness of career paths/job options
  • improve your employability skills, interviewing techniques and resume writing
  • gain knowledge of work, industry expectations and culture.

The program is fully funded for students.

Industry Mentoring

Industry Mentoring matches students (mentees) with an industry partner (mentor) to assist in the transition from university to work. It focuses on industry connections in a range of disciplines.

Students are matched with an industry mentor to explore their industry, and career pathways.

Through a series of mentoring sessions, you can gain advice and support regarding your employability skills, career direction, networking and applications.

You'll attend a compulsory end of semester ‘Reboot Session’, where you'll reflect on your Industry Mentoring Program and begin to develop your employability skills and journey.

Our mentors

Our mentors have a range of professional experiences, and use their knowledge and skills in a variety of settings for educational and/or career development purposes. They come from industry partners including:

  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Cundall
  • Greater Western Water
  • IBM
  • Medibank
  • National Australia Bank (NAB)
  • State Trustees


Industry Mentoring is open to:

  • students in their second-to-last year, final year and final semester
  • undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Our Industry Partners select the disciplines they will host. Mentoring is currently offered to students studying:

  • banking and finance
  • accounting
  • management
  • business
  • information technology and information technology systems.

Alumni Mentoring

This program is designed to get you career-ready after your final year, as you transition from university to the world of work.

To kick things off, you'll attend a 'meet and greet' where you will meet your mentor.

During the program, you'll also participate in a series of compulsory masterclasses (see below) focused on career-development strategies.

Once you have graduated, you will receive a further six months of personalised, practical career support from your alumni or friend-of-VU mentor.

As you begin to apply for jobs in the highly competitive graduate employment market, your mentor will:

  • support you to gain valuable industry insights
  • advise you on how to develop strong industry connections
  • provide you with career advice and support.

The Alumni Mentoring Program will be listed on your VU Extra Transcript once you have completed all elements of the program. You can use this transcript as an official record of your extracurricular activities at university.


Alumni Mentoring is open to:

  • students in their second-to-last year, final year and final semester
  • undergraduate and postgraduate students in any discipline.

“The Talent Connect Program gave me valuable insights on how to secure an internship and graduate program before I graduate. Masterclasses were very interactive and full of fun activities to practise learned strategies.”

Megha Bote, Master of Engineering, Alumni Mentoring 2019


The Alumni program offers a series of highly engaging, practical and interactive masterclasses during your final year of study. These ensure you are well prepared to navigate the job-search and graduate-employment market.

The masterclasses are designed and delivered by experts in the careers, recruitment and employability fields.

In addition to learning to navigate graduate-recruitment processes, you will:

  • create and practise your elevator pitch
  • develop your own responses to interview questions
  • participate in mock interviews
  • start designing a practical career action plan.

The masterclass will give you the professional edge needed to kick-start your career.

It will also assist in:

  • enhancing your personal confidence
  • increasing your job search and application skills
  • growing your professional network
  • gaining insights into the workforce and specific industries
  • defining your career direction and setting career goals
  • identifying potential entry-level graduate roles
  • learning from the professional and personal experiences of others
  • developing your professional identity
  • learning to achieve work–life balance
  • challenging your preconceived ideas and beliefs
  • identifying strategies to help you put your best foot forward.

Mentors & employers

VU has strong connections with alumni and industry employers, who help to make our Mentoring Program a success.

If you are a VU alumnus, sharing your career journey and experience with VU graduates is a small commitment that can make a big difference.

If you would like to get involved with our program, helping VU students in their transition into employment, we'd love to hear from you.

For more information, read Be an Alumni or 'Friend of VU' mentor.

Code of conduct

At Victoria University we have expectations of our mentors and students, these are outlined on the Talent Connect Mentoring Program Code of Conduct.

It is important that mentors and students are aware and agree to the standards of professional behaviour and also help to ensure the safety of participants while participating in the programs.

Contact us

If you have any queries about our Talent Connect Mentoring Program please get in touch with our team.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9919 6375