Career advice for International students

Planning a career, preparing for work or finding a job in Australian may be different from in your home country.

We can help you understand workplace culture in Australia, and provide advice on where to have your overseas qualifications assessed before entering the workforce or undertaking further study.

Legal right to work

Most Australian-based employers will ask if you to have the legal right to work in Australia.

You may be required to have either Australian citizenship or permanent residency (PR) status. Specific eligibility requirements vary between individual employers, therefore if you do not have your permanent residency (PR), it is important to check your eligibility to apply.

For more information on gaining permanent residency and all aspects of visa requirements for Australia, visit the Australian Department of Home Affairs.


You may find that Australian workplace culture is different to what you experience at home.

It is important to familiarise yourself with Australian cultural practices to be competitive in finding work and perform well once employed.

Some of the most common cultural characteristics of the Australian workplace are listed below.

Returning home

After completing studies in Australia, many international students return home to look for work.

Australian qualifications are great on your resume, and will be further enhanced by:

  • references from Australian employers, club officials, and academic staff
  • joining VU Alumni
  • posting your résumé on appropriate websites.