Political clubs

Join the Labor Club, the Socialist Alliance or the VU Greens.

Labor Club

The Victoria University Labor Club aims to promote politics within the student population. It brings together students with similar political interests, while acting to promote networking capabilities and provide a general forum for discussion.

Facebook: VU Labor Club on Facebook

Email: VictoriaUniversityLaborClub@gmail.com

Socialist Alliance

Socialist Alliance is an anti-capitalist political organisation with members throughout Australia.

We support a democratic society run by and working for people, not the destructive elite that currently rules.

Members of Socialist Alliance are active in campaigns on a wide range of issues.

Email: darkjacob@gmail.com

VU Greens

Victoria University Greens are a political group based on four key principles:

  • ecological sustainability
  • grassroots democracy
  • social justice
  • peace.

We aim to provide students with a platform for political discussion, political engagement, entertainment and exciting networking opportunities.

Facebook: VU Greens on Facebook

Email: vugreens@gmail.com.au