Please respond to the following criteria, taking care to provide extra detail if necessary.

The Student Life Grants Assessment Panel will take into consideration the following:

  • Has the project been well researched, organised and planned for, and is there a likelihood of achieving the proposed outcomes?
  • Is the project budget realistic, and does it set out reasonable and justifiable expenditure for the project?
  • Are all quotes for services, catering, room or equipment hire etc. reasonable and well researched?
Information marked with an asterisk "*" is required.
Applicant details
Project category
Project details
Provide details about your proposed project.

If your activity is part of a class, please make sure you include a letter of support from your teacher, including their name and position, and submit via email along with other required supporting documents (see below for further requirements on supporting documentation).

Project benefit to other VU students
Your project must aim to provide an activity which benefits other students either as academic advancement, industry engagement, social networking, cultural support, inclusion and accessibility, promote the advancement of marginalised groups and others, support a charity/fundraising, raise awareness of a cause/issue. Detail the benefit that applies to your project below.

Download and complete the project budget template.

Submit this via email along with your other supporting documentation.

Total amount requested can be up to a maximum grant of $500.

Calculate the amount requested by subtracting your projected income from your expenses.

Supporting documents

Please send one email with all supporting documents to the Student Life Team at [email protected]

Note: documents marked with an asterisk * are mandatory. If this information is not provided, we cannot proceed with your application.

  • * completed budget
  • * all quotes (screenshots or files)
  • letter/s of support (this could be from lecturers, fellow students or other community bodies. This is mandatory for students applying for a grant as part of a class activity)
  • anything else you think may assist us with assessing your application.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a report/evaluation as well as receipts of purchases made.

Download the reporting form.