Affiliation for each club is valid from 1 November until 31 October the following year. Continuing clubs must apply to re-affiliate on an annual basis.

Re-affiliation period

Clubs are to re-affiliate by 1 November each year. This is to ensure that clubs are affiliated in time for important events occurring early in semester.

Clubs that wish to re-affiliate will go through the process during their AGM and then submit their re-affiliation documents as soon as possible, to ensure that their club can fully operate from the beginning of semester 1. Clubs cannot request their allocated funding until their affiliation forms have been received and induction training has been attended.

The new club executives will officially take over management of the club after 1 November and carry out their roles until 31 October.

All affiliation or re-affiliation applications received after 1 November will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with the VU Clubs Officer for assistance or advice.

How to re-affiliate

Clubs that wish to re-affiliate must:

  • complete the re-affiliation process during the club AGM
  • elect and arrange cards for new card carriers (based on the new committee)
  • send the following completed forms to the VU Clubs Officer:
    • Club Roles and Responsibilities form
    • Clubs Constitution
    • latest Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes
    • current membership numbers
    • up-to-date financial record
    • Club Banking Minutes and Commonwealth Bank A153 form
  • complete the Executive Detail form
  • ensure all past activities are recorded on the Club/Event Activities form
  • advise clubs officer if the club wish to update their logo
  • ensure that their club description is up to date.