Re-affiliate an existing club

Many clubs thrive at VU and re-affiliate year after year. Your club must apply to re-affiliate on an annual basis.

The re-affiliation period opens on 1 November and closes on 31 March (census date) the following year. This is to ensure that clubs are affiliated in time for important events occurring early in semester.

Clubs that wish to re-affiliate are encouraged to submit their re-affiliation documents as soon as possible, to ensure that their club can fully operate from the beginning of semester 1. Clubs cannot request their allocated funding until their affiliation forms have been received.

All affiliation or re-affiliation applications received after 31 March will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with the VU Clubs Officer for assistance or advice.

Clubs that wish to re-affiliate must:

Your club affiliation is valid from 1 November – 31 October (the following year).

Student Life Grants

Student Life Grants provide groups of students, individuals and clubs with additional funding for events that support the engagement of students at VU.

  • Do you have an idea for an event but need the funds to kick it off?
  • Is there a training opportunity or conference you would like to attend, but can't afford?
  • Is there a campaign you'd like to support but don't know where to start?

Student Life Grants might just be the support you need!

The grants are available to currently enrolled VU students, and currently affiliated VU Clubs, Societies or Associations.


The initiative or event can be social or academic in focus, with a demonstrated benefit to the VU community.

Eligible student applicants may receive up to $500 to cover and/or subsidise the costs of their initiative or event.

Chat to a Student Life Officer about your idea, then submit your application in writing before the grant due date. You'll need to provide all details listed in Parts A and B below.

Part A: Personal details

All group members must list the following details:

  • Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Program of study
  • Contact number
  • Email address

Note: All members involved in the initiative must be currently enrolled VU students.

Part B: Tell us more!

Please respond to the following criteria, taking care to provide extra detail if necessary. If you have supporting documents from lecturers, fellow students or other community bodies, please attach provide them along with your application.

  1. A detailed outline of the proposed initiative, event or activity i.e. what are you proposing to do? When and where will it take place? (200 words)
  2. Outline the key objectives/outcomes of your proposed initiative, idea or event. (200 words)
  3. Outline a detailed budget for your activity, including the amount you wish to apply for in dollar terms. Where possible, provide quotes from potential shops, services, facilities, etc. that you are planning to use. (200 words)
  4. How will your project benefit the wider VU student community? (100 words)
  5. How are you going to promote your initiative? (100 words)
  6. After your project is complete, how will you evaluate whether you have successfully achieved your key objectives/outcomes. (100 words)
  7. Successful applicants must report back to Student Life (who provides the grant) and the wider student body. These reports can take a number of forms, so you can be as creative as you like. How you will report back? (100 words)


Student Life Grants 2018 application deadlines (5pm):

  • 6 March
  • 10 April
  • 8 May
  • 5 June
  • 10 July
  • 14 August
  • 11 September
  • 9 October.

For further information about Student Life Grants, please contact Student Life by calling +61 3 9919 2654 or emailing

Download a copy of the Student Life Grants guidelines.

Assessing applications

Your application will go before a panel. They can fully fund, partially fund or reject your application.

If you are successful, you will be notified and can come in to collect the funding. You'll need to report back on your use of the funds - failure to do so will reflect badly on future applications.

Contact us

Your VU Clubs Officer is available to meet with you to offer their support to your club or society. Whether you have a question about the affiliation process, running an event, or how to get more funding, we are here to help out.

You can email the VU Clubs Officer on to to request a meeting time, or call +61 3 9919 2454.