Community clubs

Celebrate diversity, learn new skills and enjoy being part of VU's community. We have student clubs for professionals returning to study, people interested in sustainable living, LGBTQIA people and women's groups.

Professionals Returning to Study Association

Our association provides services and community support for professionals returning to study at VU. We offer networking, mentoring and activities tailored to our members’ demographics.



Sustainable Living & Urban Gardening Group (SLUGG)

A collection of students across different colleges with a desire to implement sustainable principles and practices. We take care of the gardens on campus, providing fresh produce for students to enjoy.

Facebook: SLUGG


VU Pride

VU Pride recognises that there are a range of sexualities and genders at Victoria University and we aim to celebrate such diversity.

We plan to combat negative attitudes towards LGBTQIA and gender diverse people at Victoria University by creating support networks between LGBTQIA+ people and straight-identifying students.

We also aim to create a socially inclusive environment which helps generate unity among all students.

Facebook: VU Pride


Women’s Collective

VU's Women's Collective aims to create a sense of community and safety on VU campuses. We run many events throughout the year, including annual International Women’s Day forum and Women in Higher Education Week.

Facebook: VU Women’s Collective