Explore your passion and creativity in our arts and music student clubs.

Get involved in digital media, film, music, radio or performing arts.


VU DIDGET (Diversity, Innovation, Design, Games, Entrepreneurship & Technology) is dedicated to supporting tech and entrepreneurship at VU with a focus on diversity and inclusion. 

All students and staff who are passionate about diversity in tech are welcome to join.

Facebook: DIDGET on Facebook

Email: didgetclub@gmail.com

Fresh Student Media

Fresh Student Media is a fun and energetic student-run club that operates VU's Radio Station, a video production service and online journalism media serving the students, staff and communities of VU.

Our club members do a variety of activities, including:

  • radio presenting
  • picking the music to play
  • helping us run the club.

Website: Fresh Student Media

Facebook: Fresh Student Media on Facebook

Email: admin@freshmedia.org.au

Screen Media Association

VU Screen Media Association (VU SMA) endeavours to provide Screen Media students at all levels with the opportunity to:

  • discuss ideas in a safe space
  • learn from each other
  • make new friends
  • attend training nights with industry professionals¬†
  • network and collaborate with industry partners.

Facebook: VU SMA on Facebook 

Email: screenmediaassociation@gmail.com

UniBeats Club

UNIBEATS aims to promote self-expression through rhythm and movement.

All levels of dance experience welcome.

The club will hold workshops and performances in dance.

Email: unibeats18@gmail.com

Facebook: UniBeats VU Dance Group

UniBeats logo