Arts & music clubs

Explore your passion and creativity in our arts and music student clubs. Get involved in digital media, film, music, radio or performing arts.

Digital Media Club

Our Digital Media Club is for VU students, alumni and staff who are passionate about designing and analysing digital platforms. This includes websites, mobile applications and social media.

We provide a platform for people with similar interests to exchange ideas and develop skills that they can use in their chosen careers.


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Fresh Student Media

Fresh Student Media is a fun and energetic student-run club that operates VU's Radio Station, a video production service and online journalism media serving the students, staff and communities of VU.

Our club members do a variety of activities, including:

  • radio presenting
  • picking the music to play
  • helping us run the club.

Website: Fresh Student Media

Facebook: Fresh Student Media on Facebook


Music Society

Our society aims to:

  • provide student representation for students in music courses at VU
  • provide support and mentoring for current students
  • create awareness of what VU music students have to offer in the wider community.

Facebook: VU Music Society on Facebook


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