Our Student Advocacy service provides confidential advice, support and representation to help you progress successfully during your time at university.

Level 3 Academic Progress: You must book a Show Cause Panel (SCP) meeting immediately if you have made unsatisfactory academic progress (failing six or more units within your course OR the same unit three times). Please ensure your Advocacy enquiry specifies the date and time of your Show Cause Panel meeting, and an Advocate will be in contact to assist you with preparing and presenting your case to the Show Cause Panel.

If you are contacting Student Advocacy regarding any other matter, we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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You should carefully consider your assessment feedback and the relevant assessment criteria. If you disagree with your assessment or unit results on any of the following grounds you can request the results be reviewed. You must be able to demonstrate that:

  • there was bias on the part of the assessor; or
  • the assessment was inappropriately constructed or an inadequate basis was provided for completing it; or
  • the assessment was of a scale or degree of difficulty not commensurate with the level and weighting of the unit; or
  • the assessor made an error of fact in assessing the content of the submitted work.

An Advocate can discuss this with you. Your review request must be submitted to your CUA within 5 days of the publication of your result.

Unsatisfactory progress & show cause

If you have made unsatisfactory academic progress and have been invited to 'show cause' you must read the notification email sent to you and follow the instructions to book a 'show cause' meeting immediately.

If you do not book a 'show cause' meeting by the deadline you may be excluded from your studies at VU.

Once you have booked a 'show cause' meeting, you can request assistance from Student Advocacy in preparing for your meeting. Please advise your Advocate of the time and date of your booked show cause meeting, and provide an explanation of why you have made unsatisfactory progress.


If you have received an invitation to a misconduct meeting, please provide Student Advocacy with:

  • the time and date of your misconduct meeting
  • details of the misconduct allegation.

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