Transition mentors & study resources

Regardless of your academic or cultural background, undertaking study at university involves a range of significant challenges, such as:

  • time management
  • research strategies
  • producing various genres of academic writing
  • high-level literacy and numeracy
  • academic integrity
  • participating in group work
  • giving presentations.

Our team of Student Transition Mentors are here to help you transition into university life, sharing the essential skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Further advice can be found at our welcoming Learning Hubs, located at five of our campuses.

Student Transition Mentors

New here? Not clear? Ask here!

Starting university or moving to a new place can be a bit daunting. If you have questions about your course or life at Victoria University you can ask a Student Transition Mentor.

The mentors are students in your college who are here to help you settle in. You can contact Student Transition Mentors by clicking the button below, or connect with them on Facebook.

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Study skills resources

The resources on this page have been created and compiled to assist you in your personal development towards success at university. It is strongly advised that you also take advantage of our many Learning Hub workshops and drop-in-sessions for academic language and learning or maths, statistics and physics. Also check out our resources on academic integrity and plagiarism.

Further resources are available on Learning Hub online.

Reading at university

Speaking & presenting at university


Working in groups

Sample texts for various writing types

Video resources

Academic literacy

April's journey: Transition & acculturation for an International student

Cartoon resources (comics)

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