Maths, statistics & physics support

Most occupations include some work with numbers, symbols and data, and for people working in these fields, well-developed numeracy skills are just as important as being able to read and write fluently.

Whichever professional field you aspire to participate in, and whatever your past experience of mathematics, Victoria University (VU) provides the support that you will need to develop maths, physics and statistics skills for success.

We recognise that students arrive at VU with different levels of skill and confidence in their numeracy. Our team of academic support lecturers and student mentors are here to identify the skills you need, and to support you on the way to success.

Student peer mentoring

The Student Mentors who run our student peer mentoring programs are all currently enrolled as students in courses at Victoria University. They are selected for their academic achievements as well as their desire to contribute to the VU community by running academic support sessions for students like you.

While the sessions themselves are student-only spaces, Student Mentors are trained by an experienced team of academic support lecturers.

Maths & physics support for engineering students in the Trident Study Space

The Trident Study Space, located at Footscray Park, is open to all Engineering students. You can get help with your physics and maths-based units from Student Mentors who are currently studying your engineering course.

All Student Mentors have been trained to help you with maths and physics-based study support.

During Semester 2 2017, the Trident Study Space will be open 10am-5pm Tuesday-Friday, in Building D, Rooms D442A & D442B, Footscray Park

Support tutorials, drop-in sessions & workshops

Academic Support lecturers offer a range of workshops, support tutorials and study sessions throughout the year to help you in your studies in a group environment. Some are open to all, while others target specific courses and units, and assignments. Unless stated, no registrations are necessary.

Drop-in study sessions

Academic support maths lecturers are available to help you with specialised knowledge on an individual or small-group basis at the following times and places. Unless otherwise stated, drop-in sessions are run all year round, including between semesters.

College Date/Time Location
All colleges 12-2pm, Monday to Friday Building P, Level 2, Room P202, Footscray Park (Library)
All colleges 12-2pm, Monday to Friday St Albans Library
Business 11.30am-1.30pm Monday, Wednesday & Thursday Independent Learning Centre, Room 1701, City Flinders 
Business 4-6pm Tuesday Room 1049, City Flinders
Engineering 11am-12pm
2-3pm Monday
11am: Room D331a, Footscray Park
2pm: outside D450, Footscray Park

Support tutorials for specific units

Academic support maths lecturers run regular, unit-specific support tutorials to review material that is covered in each week’s lectures and workshops.

College Description Date/Time Location
Business Support Tutorial for BEO1106 Business Statistics 12-1pm Tuesday Room 1049, City Flinders
Business Support Tutorial for BEO1106 Business Statistics 1-2pm Tuesday
12-1pm Wednesday
1-2pm Thursday
Tuesday: A426, Footscray Park
Wednesday: A413, Footscray Park
Thursday: A409, Footscray Park
Business Online Support Session for Business Statistics 3-4pm Monday
9-10am Wednesday
9-10am Thursday
Online. To join contact
VU College (Business) Support Tutorial for VBE1007 Business Statistics (for the Diploma of Business) 10.30-11.30am, Monday & Thursday Monday: Room 904, City Flinders
Thursday: Room 1611, City Flinders
Education Numeracy support session for Education undergraduate and postgraduate students 10-11am Wednesday Building A, Room A332, Footscray Park 
Engineering & Science Support Tutorial for NEF1101 Engineering Maths 1 11am-12pm, Wednesday Building D, Room D200, Footscray Park
Engineering & Science Support Tutorial for NEF1201 Engineering Maths 2 1pm-2pm, Wednesday Building D, Room D441, Footscray Park
Engineering & Science Support Tutorial for NEF1102 Engineering Physics 1 11am-12pm Thursday Building D, Room D206, Footscray Park
Engineering & Science Support Tutorial for NEF1202 Engineering Physics 2 2-3pm Friday Building D, Room D202, Footscray Park
Sport & Exercise Science Support Tutorial for AHE1202 Biomechanics 3-4pm Tuesday
11am-12pm Wednesday
Tuesday: L112b, Footscray Park
Wednesday: C230, Footscray Park


Academic support lecturers will be running workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year – including pre-semester and exam preparation workshops. Details will be posted here as they become available.


College Description Date/Time Location Contact
Education Fractions and Decimal Calculations for students in AEB1307 Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching 2 12-2pm Tuesday 15 August Building P, Room 7.201P, St Albans Registration is essential. Please contact or ring 9919 4744.

One-to-one support: Meet with an academic support lecturer

For personalised support, one-to-one consultations are available to help you with your studies.

They won't do the work for you, but can answer questions and help improve your skills. Find out more and book your session online.

Contact us

For more information on the range of academic support services available, or if you have any other questions, please contact our team.

Our office is located on Level 3, Building M, Footscray Park campus.