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About the Academic Support & Development Department

Academic Support and Development works with academic colleges and other partners across VU to enhance student access, retention, engagement and success.

We provide expert support for student academic success and retention across the university. Our services and partnerships include evidence-based models of academic development, support and transition as well as pathways and expert strategic advice.

Academic Support also runs orientation and general writing workshops, and organise peer mentoring and individual staff/student consultations.

We are now focusing more on collaborations with college-based staff to ensure that discipline-specific language and learning skills are embedded into the particular curricula of each course of study. This is part of a general move away from a model where a small percentage of students are given general or individual assistance with their ‘problems’, to a model that recognises that student language and learning development is the joint responsibility of the college staff and Academic Support staff. We are also focusing on enhancing our students’ academic experience as a broader part of institutional projects in an enhanced student experience more generally.

Services we offer

Our aim is to enhance student access, retention, engagement and success.

  • First year experience advice and support 
    Expert advice, leadership and support for an enhanced first-year experience informed by transitions pedagogy.
  • College-integrated academic development 
    A designated team of student academic support and development lecturers to work with each of the integrated colleges on their student support and development priorities.
  • Campus-based academic and support 
    Centralised student academic induction, support and development activities available on each main campus.
  • Student supporting student learning
    Structured peer-based programs and interventions delivered centrally and embedded within college curricula.
  • Advice relating to policy and strategy initiatives 
    Expert advice, support and development of policy and strategy initiatives related to academic, English language and pathways.
  • Transitions and learning pathways
    Leadership, advice and collaborative support in fostering, embedding and developing a transitions pedagogy and supported learning pathways.
  • Postgraduate student academic support and development

For VU staff

For more information on the range of academic support services available, or if you have any other questions, please contact our team.

Our office is located on Level 3, Building M, Footscray Park campus.