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Get ahead in the competitive digital marketplace, with techniques taught in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy and Implementation Program at Victoria University.

In this online short course, you'll focus on an industry problem: How can small-to-medium businesses stay competitive in a digital world by being highly visible among online options?

You'll discover Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) processes and strategies that improve the ranking of your project, service or organisation in an internet search.

Through coaching from an industry expert, you'll become familiar with strategies that you can apply to your website. And by examining industry- and context-specific examples, you'll come to understand which techniques work best in which situations, finishing the course well equipped to improve your online presence.

Invest in your skills and your website's future and upskill quickly and conveniently online, with a trusted university short-course provider.

Course contents

Students complete a series of online and synchronous coaching sessions.  

In this short course, we focus on an industry problem: How can small-to-medium business stay competitive online in a COVID-19 digital world by being highly visible among other online options?

The short course is focused on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills and techniques for competing in a digital marketplace. SEO is the process and strategies to improve the ranking of a project, service or organisation in an internet search, usually a Google search. SEO is industry and context specific, some techniques will work better in some situations more than others and this course we focus on the knowledge you need to improve the industry standing of your online presence.

Each week students meet with an industry expert that coaches students through a series of strategies that they can apply to their own website or a website we can provide you with.

Admission & pathways

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This course is open to all interested in SEO strategy and implementation.

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