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Course essentials

An Arts degree is ideal preparation for today's changing world since it develops the highly sought-after skills of communication, problem-solving, teamwork and critical thinking that modern employers want.

With an emphasis on the humanities, creative arts and social sciences you will develop a grounding in the diversity of ways of knowing.

Energise your passions and drive your career forward - frequent graduate destinations include:

  • journalism, writing or strategic communications
  • teaching (a popular choice for students following completion of a Masters of Teaching)
  • creative arts administration
  • public servant and policy work
  • community sector professional roles
  • creative arts
  • software development
  • corporate management.

We collaborate with a network of business and industry partners. Everything you learn with us has direct links to the workplace and your future career. We offer you many opportunities for practical learning. 

Through the Graduating Projects, the Bachelor of Arts brings students together in group tasks to engage with the workplace and broader community.

The Victoria University Bachelor of Arts is distinctive for its emphasis on scholarly disciplines that are highly engaged with the workplace and the broader community. It offers this deeply rooted concept of an Arts education within the context of issues that prevail in Australia now.

You can study overseas for a semester at one of our many international partner institutes. 

Campus options

The VU BA is offered on two campuses:  Footscray Nicholson and Footscray Park.

Prospective students who meet the admission requirements will be entitled to apply for admission to the course at either campus.

Footscray Park (option FP) first year

First year students at Footscray Park take four foundational, transition-focused units (the ‘Fundamentals of Enquiry’ module) to support and enhance four units in scholarly disciplines of their choosing (the ‘Introduction to Majors’ module).

Footscray Nicholson (option FN) first year

First year students at Footscray Nicholson take a differently configured four units in Fundamentals of Enquiry to support and enhance an interdisciplinary Introduction to Majors with prescribed content. These students commence their discipline-specific studies in second year, beginning with the level 1 content in two minor/major sequences.


Choose from a range of subject areas and open up a world of career options:


This degree will prepare you for a range of exciting careers in the humanities and social sciences. You will develop skills in communication, research, critical analysis, intercultural relationships, and teamwork which are valued by potential employers in the modern workplace.

Graduates often move straight into positions in the public service, corporate, community and non-government organisations.

Others move onto graduate studies to pursue the many professional careers that are best served by graduates with a generalist first degree: 

  • media professionals
  • creative arts administrators
  • public servants and policy workers
  • community sector professionals
  • strategic communicators
  • creative artists
  • software developers
  • corporate managers.

Organisations employing arts graduates

Graduates are prepared for employment in a wide range of roles in organisations including government, the community, the arts, education and media.


The average salary for an Arts graduate is A$42,962 – A$86,349 (PayScale).

Study pathways

If you have completed the following diploma or advanced diploma course(s) at VU, you will be guaranteed a place in this bachelor degree. In some cases you may receive credit for your previous study, reducing the time it takes to complete your course.

22091VIC - Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing

You will be credited for 4 units (half a year) of study.

22187VIC - Certificate IV in Liberal Arts

You will be credited for 3 units of study.

CUV50111 - Diploma of Visual Arts

You will be credited for 4 units (half a year) of study.

EDES - Diploma of Education Studies

You will be credited for 8 units (a year) of study.

Find out more about pathways and credits.

Credit for skills and past study

If you have completed study with another university or institution and believe you are eligible to receive credit for skills and past study, you can apply for advanced standing.

Applications for advanced standing can be made after a discussion with your course coordinator or academic adviser.

Course objectives

Graduates of this course will be able to:

  1. Critically review theory and research in chosen areas of study;
  2. Critically reflect on the patterns of social, cultural and political experience of society in general and share insights into their own lives;
  3. Initiate, organise, undertake, and communicate research into the lives of their communities, including 'creative works as research' for students completing creative arts disciplines;
  4. Exemplify academic skills in reading, note-taking and collection and organisation of resource materials including the presentation of oral and written material;
  5. Collaborate with skill and confidence in group discussion and activity;
  6. Exhibit interpersonal skills consistent with professional practice.

These 6 learning outcomes are integrated into the curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment for all students. For the BA, it is not practicable to map the correlation between these learning outcomes and the course assessment; instead the course invests each Major with coverage of all six learning outcomes across its sequence of disciplinary and capstone units. These are mapped for each major in conjunction with the Graduate Capabilities, in that section of this proposal.

Course structure

To attain the Bachelor of Arts students will be required to complete 288 credit points (equivalent to 24 units) consisting of:

OPTION FN (Footscray Nicholson)

  • 96 credit points (equivalent to 8 Units) of Core Arts studies
  • 96 credit points (equivalent to 8 units) of Major 1 (from the list below)


  • 96 credit points (equivalent to 8 units) of Major 2


  • 2 x 48 credit points Discipline/Breadth Minors studies (from the list below)

OPTION FP (Footscray Park)

  • 48 credit points (equivalent to 4 Units) of Core Arts studies
  • 48 credit points (equivalent to 4 units) of Level 1 units from any Majors (from the list below)
  • 96 credit points (equivalent to 8 units) of Major 1 (from the list below)


  • 96 credit points (equivalent to 8 units) of Major 2 (from the list below)
  • OR

  • 2 x 48 credit points Discipline/Breadth Minor studies (from the list below)

Please note: Students selecting Major 2 must choose 24 credit points (2 units) in place of ACX3005 Graduating Project 1 and ACX3006 Graduating Project 2 as these units will be covered in Major 1. Students choosing to complete Majors/Minors from the Level 1, Year 1 will need to choose additional units from the minors below to complete the total required 288 credit points.

The units can be selected from the following minors:

  • International Development

  • Professional Communication

  • Global Indigenous Challenge

  • Global Leadership

These minors are not limited to this purpose and are available for everyone to be chosen as their primary minor choices.

OPTION FN (Footscray Nicholson)

Year 1 - Core Units

Year 2

96 credit points (equivalent to 8 units) of Minor or Major studies

Year 3

96 credit points (equivalent to 8 units) of Minor or Major studies

OPTION FP (Footscray Park)

Year 1 - Core Units


48 credit points (equivalent to 4 units) Level 1 units from any Major listed below.

Year 2

96 credit points (equivalent to 8 units) from Minor or Major studies

Year 3

96 credit points (equivalent to 8 units) from Minor or Major studies



Admission requirements

  • TAFE: VET applicants will be considered and pathways are available from a range of VET courses.
  • Year 12: Units 3 and 4 - a study score of at least 25 in English (EAL) or 20 in any other English.
  • Mature: Applicants with relevant work, education and/or community experience may be considered on the basis of equivalence.

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