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Associate Professor Tom Clark

BA Hons Syd, PhD Syd

Associate Professor and Discipline Group Leader, College of Arts & Education

Tom is the Discipline Group Leader for College of Arts & Education staff teaching and researching in Writing, Communication, and Culture. His teaching at VU has been at the forefront of developing studies in Public Speaking for the Communications curriculum in Australia. 

Tom's published research into rhetoric and poetic style focuses on analyses of political communication. It includes his 2012 book 'Stay on Message: Poetry and Truthfulness in Public Speech.' It also includes research into non-Indigenous attitudes towards Aboriginal reconciliation in Australia and Canada, and an ongoing program of research into poetry teaching in Australian schools. 

Recently, Tom has been elected President of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association (AULLA).

Tom's main areas of postgraduate research supervision are:

  • political rhetoric
  • English-language poetry
  • poetic theory
  • semiotics and communication theory
  • sports talk. 

Areas of expertise

  • Aboriginal reconciliation in Australia and Canada
  • Clich├ęs and formulas in politics; business and sport
  • Popular and political rhetoric
  • Public speaking (including speech writing consultancies)

Contact details

+61 3 9919 2196