Dr Shah Jahan Miah

Dr Shah Jahan Miah

BSc (Hons), MSc (RajUni); MInfoTech, MInfTecCom, PhD in InfoTech (Griffith); Grad Cert Tertiary Edu (VicMelb)

Senior Lecturer, College of Business

Dr Shah J Miah is a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems (IS) and Coordinator of the Master of Business Analytics. Prior to this position, he had academic positions at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Griffith University and James Cook University, Australia.

Dr Miah is the author/editor of around 90 publications including research books, conference proceedings, book chapters, journal articles, and refereed conference articles. Dr Miah's publication appeared in the premier and top tier IS journals, such as:

  • Information and Management
  • Information Technology & People
  • Information Systems
  • Telematics and Informatics
  • Australasian Journal of Information Systems
  • Knowledge Based Systems.

Dr Miah’s recently edited special issue on 'Design Science Research for Decision Support Systems' has been published in the Australasian Journal of Information Systems, with upcoming special issues to be published on 'Mobile-HealthCare technologies' and 'Business Intelligence and Analytics in Organizations'.

Dr Miah has received various awards, including Best Paper Award, Best Reviewer Award, Best Participant Award, and Outstanding Leadership Award, and has won over $50K in research grant funding. After receiving his PhD (from Griffith University) in the area of Decision Support Systems design for businesses, Dr Miah has extended his research interest on Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big-Data Analytics. Dr Miah has become one of the influential academics in the IS discipline, having coordinated and contributed to many international, national and local conferences, including:

  • Americas Conference on Information Systems
  • Australasian Conference on Information Systems
  • Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems
  • International Conference on Semantic, Knowledge and Grid.

His teaching currently focuses on business intelligence, big-data and predictive analytics, and Information Technology project management. His research interests include:

  • decision support applications design
  • big-data, locational analytics/intelligence and decision support
  • e-services and applications for healthcare, public health and well-being.

Key publications

View Shah's publications in Victoria University's Institutional Repository.

Journal articles (selected)

Miah, S.J. Vu, HQ, Gammack, J.G., and McGrath, G.M. (2016). A Big-Data Analytics Method for Tourist Behaviour Analysis, Information and Management (In Press), - ABDC A* Rank

Miah, SJ and Genemo, H. (2016). A Design Science Research Methodology for Expert Systems Development, Australasian Journal of Information Systems, vol. 20, pp.1-29 -ABDC A Rank

Miah, S.J. McGrath, M. and Kerr, D. (2016). Design science research for decision support systems development: recent publication trends in the premier IS, Australasian Journal of Information Systems, vol. 20, 1-14 - ABDC A Rank

Miah, S.J., Hasan, N., Hasan, R., and Gammack, J.G. (2016). Healthcare support for underserved communities using a mobile social media platform, Information Systems, (In-press) -Scimago Journal Rank Q1

Miah, S.J., Hasan, J. and Gammack, J. G. (2016). On-Cloud Healthcare Clinic: an e-health consultancy approach for remote communities in a Developing Country, Telematics and Informatics, Vol 34 (1), 311–322 -Scimago Journal Rank Q1

Conference papers (selected)

Miah, S.J., Gammack, J.G., Hasan, N., and Haque, M.R. (2016). Design methodologies for M-health innovations: a content analysis, In proceedings of the 27th Australasian Conference on information Systems- ACIS 2016, Dec 06-08, Wollongong, Australia

Miah, S.J. and McKay (2016). A NEW CONCEPTUALISATION OF DESIGN SCIENCE RESEARCH FOR DSS DEVELOPMENT, In proceedings of the 20th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2016), Taiwan

Khatun and Miah, S.J. (2016). Design of a Decision Support System Framework for Small-Business Managers: a Context of B2C E-commerce Environment, In proceedings of the IEEE Future Technologies Conference, San Francisco, United States, 6-7 Dec 2016

Miah, S.J., Islam, H., and Samsudin, A.Z.H. (2016). Ontology Techniques for Representing the Problem of Discourse: Design of Solution Application Perspective, In proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Information Technologies, Shangri-La Fijian Resort, Fiji, 7-10 December 2016

Samsudin, A.Z.H, Shahibi, M.S., Miah, S.J., and Islam, H. (2016). Development of Domain Ontology for Enhancing Design Understand-ability for Both Developers and End-Users, In proceedings of the IEEE Conference on 3rd Asia-Pacific World Congress on Computer Science and Engineering, Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa, Denarau Island, Fiji, 4-6 December, 2016.

Teaching responsibilities





Dr Miah has examined over 20 PhD dissertations, successfully supervised 4 PhD degree completions and currently supervising 5 PhD/DBA research students.

Professional membership

  • Member of the Association of Information Systems (AIS)
  • Member of the Australian Computer Society (MACS)
  • Member, IEEE


Areas of expertise

  • Decision support systems for industries
  • Design science research methodologies
  • E-Service design for businesses
  • Healthcare information systems development

Contact details

+61 3 9919 9835