Memberships & accreditations

When you study at Victoria University Business School, you join an international community and network of leading global organisations, including:

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

Our courses are accredited by professional bodies, ensuring that you graduate with industry-ready, professionally recognised qualifications.

For the duration of our MBA, you'll automatically receive membership with the Institute of Managers and Leaders Membership. This means you'll be connected with Australia’s most powerful leadership network, even before you graduate. 

Industry engagement

At Victoria University, we aim to create life-changing experiences for our students, with a genuine real-world focus. This comes through in the classroom experience, in assessment tasks, in the internships we offer to students, and in the mentoring we provide.

Through our wide network of industry relationships, we create settings where our students are able to have rich conversations with practitioners. These are just some of the ways we ensure the student experience is authentic and practical.

Courses we offer

Our courses will equip you with practical business skills, building your confidence to help you achieve your career goals in any industry.

We offer a range of business courses, from Accounting and Finance, to Management, Marketing, Hospitality and Event Management.

Whatever the discipline, you can be sure that you will develop a toolkit to prepare you for employment.

Our people

Our staff are experts in their field and have a passion for teaching. You will be supported all the way through your University journey and will gain a competitive edge by also learning from Industry experts.

Professor Mark Farrell | Pro Vice-Chancellor (Business and Law)

Associate Professor Romana Garma | Deputy Dean

Associate Professor David Goodwin | Head, Industry and External Engagement

Dr Syed Haider | Head of Learning & Teaching and Head of Academic Planning

Dr Samuel Belicka | Head of Undergraduate Courses

Dr Colin Drake | Master of Business Administration (MBA) Director

Dr Ranjith Ihalanyake | Head of Postgraduate Courses

Glovuse Calleja | Manager, Victoria University Business School

Jirayu Mecksakul | Acting Manager and Executive Assistant to Pro Vice-Chancellor (Business and Law)

Specialisation advisors are responsible for providing academic advice to students related to their studies, including change of specialisations, advanced standings, eligibility to graduate, and more.

Mr Victor Dang:

  • Accounting

Dr Paul Zarebski:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Financial Risk Management
  • International Trade
  • Bachelor of Commerce

Mr Austin Norman:

  • Event Management
  • International Hospitality Management and Tourism Management (THME)

Dr Ancy Gamage:

  • Human Resource Management

Dr Shah Miah:

  • Information Systems Management

Dr Selvi Kannan:

  • Management and Innovation

Dr Thuy-Huong Truong:

  • Marketing

Dr Samuel Belicka:

  • Music Industry

Dr Himanshu Shee:

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management:

The Course Chair provides academic oversight for the course(s) in their discipline area to ensure an appropriate units/course structure and content. They foster links with relevant industry members and associations, and provide academic advice to students where necessary.

Dr Peter Demediuk | Accounting

Dr Shah Miah | Business Analytics

Dr Scott Bingley | ERP/Information Systems

Dr Paul Zarebski | Finance

Dr Keith Thomas | Human Resource Management and Management

Associate Professor Shahnaz Naughton | Change, Innovation and Leadership

Dr Leanne White | Marketing

Dr Nick Billington | Supply Chain Management

Dr Thu-Huong Nguyen | Tourism Destination Management

Dr Colin Drake | Master of Business Administration (MBA) Director

Dr Maria Prokofieva | Doctor of Business Administration Coordinator

Dr Riccardo Natoli | International Business

Kim Ngo | CUA at Footscray Park Campus

Suruchi Goel | CUA at City Flinders Campus

Email for all CUAs: [email protected]