Rochelle is an Associate Professor with the Institute for Health & Sport.

Rochelle leads a research team for a project called Sport and Recreation Spatial. Sport and Recreation Spatial integrates data about sport and recreation participation, sport and recreation facilities, population demographics and population health from multiple data custodians.

Her research focuses on:

  • participation levels and trends
  • influences on participation
  • value of sport: the health benefits of participation
  • places to play: the nexus between facilities and participation.

Rochelle is a behavioural epidemiologist, who has 15 years of research experience specifically relating to the sport sector and covering areas of participation, health and education. She has strong industry networks within the sport and health sector including state and national government agencies and is currently working with:

  • VicHealth
  • Australian Sports Commission
  • Sport and Recreation Victoria
  • Vicsport
  • The Mitchell Institute
  • AFL Victoria
  • Tennis Victoria
  • Netball Victoria
  • Basketball Victoria
  • Cricket Victoria
  • Hockey Victoria
  • Lawn Bowls Victoria

Rochelle was awarded the College of Sport and Exercise Science, Victoria University, Excellence in Research award 2014. 

Selected publications

Rochelle has published over 130 peer reviewed publication and industry reports. 

Refereed journal articles

Eime, RM., Casey MM., Harvey, JT., Charity, MJ., Young, JA., Payne, WR. Participation in modified sports programs: A longitudinal study of children's transition to club sport competition. BMC Public Health. 15:649. 

Eime, RM., Sawyer, N., Harvey, JT., Casey, MM., Westerbeek, H., Payne, WR. (2015). Integrating Public Health and Sport Management: Sport participation trends 2001-2010.  Sport Management Review. 18. 207-217. 

Eime, RM., Charity, MJ., Harvey, JT., Payne, WR. (2015). Participation in sport and physical activity: with socio-economic status and geographical location. BMC Public Health.15:43. 

Young, J.A., Symons, C.M., Pain, M.D.Harvey, J.T., Eime, R.M., Craike, M.J., & Payne, W.R. (2015). Role models of Australian female adolescents: A longitudinal study to inform programs designed to increase physical activity and sport participation. European Physical Education Review.

Casey, MM., Telford, A., Mooney, A., Harvey, J., Eime, RM., Payne, W. (2014). Linking secondary school physical education with community sport and recreation: A process evaluation. BMC Public Health. 14:1039.

View Rochelle's full publication list in the Victoria University Research Repository.

Conference presentations

Robertson, J., Westerbeek, H., Eime, R. (2012) Sport organisations and social outcomes: A place for social sport business? Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ), Sydney.

Eime, R., Harvey, J., Sawyer, N., Craike, M., Symons, C., Polman, R., Payne, W. (2012) Female adolescent participation in sport and physical activity: Where and when are the declines? International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, Austin, Texas, USA.

Polman, R., Symons, C., Eime, R., Harvey, J., Craike, M., Banting, L., Payne, W. (2012) Female adolescents body image perceptions, physical activity levels, health and behavioural regulation: Age and regional influences.  British Psychological Society Annual Conference. Longdon, UK.

Eime, R.M., Harvey, J.T., Craike, M.J., Symons, C., Polman, R.C.J., Payne, W.R. (2011) Family support and ease of access mediate associations between socioeconomic status and sports club membership in adolescent girls. ACSMS Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport, Fremantle.

Harvey, J.T., Eime, R.M., Symons, C., Craike, M.J., Polman, R.C.J., Payne, W.R. (2011) Competence and confidence mediate health benefits of club sport in adolescent girls beyond the effects of physical activity levels. ACSMS Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport, Fremantle.

Selected research grants

Associate Professor Eime has been a chief investigator on 29 academic and research consultancy projects with a total funding allocation of more than $AUD 2.6 million.

  • 2016: Stewart, B., Spaaij, R., Eime, R., Harvey, J, Charity, M. Articulating the health and social benefits of tennis and its social return on investment value. Tennis Australia . $40,000.
  • 2015-2016: Stewart, B., Spaaij, R., Eime, R., Harvey, J, Charity, M. The social and economic value of netball. Netball Victoria. $40,000.
  • 2015-2018: Hanlon, C., Eime, R., Norden, K. Building the capacity of women to officiate and govern gymnastics. Australia-ASEAN Council. Australian Government- Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Gymnastics Australia, South East Asia Gymnastics, Victoria University. $194,000.
  • 2015-2018: Eime, RM., Harvey, JT., Charity, MM., Thompson, H., Feely, P. Sport and Recreation Spatial. Netball Victoria. Federation University and Victoria University. $37,500.
  • 2015 - 2018: Eime, RM., Harvey, JT., Charity, MJ. Sport Participation Research Project 2015 – 2018. VicHealth. $150,000.

Postgraduate research students and fellows

Current supervision

Co-supervision of five PhD students.

Professional membership

International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Sports Medicine Australia

Industry experience

Rochelle currently works across the sport and recreation, health and government sectors to develop Sport and Recreation Spatial. Sport and Recreation Spatial - Investigating sport and recreation participation and facilities, and health, for evidence based decision making for the sport and recreation sector.

Selected appearances in the media

2016: Ballarat Courier newspaper. Changing rate of the game. December.

2016: Leader Community News- Greater Dandenong Leader. Melbourne’s least sporting places include Melbourne city and Greater Dandenong. December.

2016: Leader Community News. Women and people from disadvantaged areas least likely to join sports club, report shows. November.

2016: Herald Sun newspaper interview. Gender gap continues to grow in kids sport as females participate at half the rate of males. November. Also picked up in: The Adelaide Advertiser and Gold Coast Bulletin.

2016: ABC Television. Interview. National ABC weekend breakfast. Is sport policy hurting Australia’s children and youth? August.

Areas of expertise

  • Active living and public health
  • Behavioural epidemiology
  • Health through sport
  • Sport facility provision
  • Sport participation

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