Liza Heslop PhD, RN was one of 12 nurses to graduate from Australia’s first higher education nursing course (College of Nursing, Melbourne, Australia) and has since completed an arts degree with majors in psychology and sociology (1984), post graduate studies in education (1986), and a PhD in health service policy and systems from Monash University (2001). Currently holding positions as Associate Professor at Victoria University, Melbourne (teaching), and the Institute for Health and Sport (research) at the Western Center for Health Research and Education (Sunshine Hospital, Melbourne).

The focus of Liza's research and teaching is:

  • the safety and quality of health care delivery
  • enhancement and better use of nurse-sensitive outcomes
  • nursing/health care workforce improvement initiatives, particularly the workforce at the interface of chronic and complex disease management.

Liza has attracted Category 1 grant funding from the Australian Research Council and the HCF research foundation (2017) – the latter to develop and test a clinical decision support tool for use by clinicians at the bedside to improve nutritional care processes and help prevent hospital-acquired malnutrition (with Western Health and St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne). Liza also has special interests in health policy, health systems, and activity based funding (case mix), holding a statutory appointment on the Clinical Advisory Committee of the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) since 2007, as well as an appointment by the Federal Minister of Health to the Joint Working Party of IHPA and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) which developed the high priority Hospital-Acquired Complication list.

In the field of workforce reform, her research concerns multi-disciplinary approaches to care coordination to support high end users of the health system. Liza sits on the editorial board for PLOS One.

Key publications

Heslop L. (2015) Outcome detection using hospital activity data: Implications for development of nursing-sensitive quality monitoring and reporting in Australia. International Journal of Nursing Studies 51(3)470-478

Heslop L., Lu S. (2014) Nursing-sensitive indicators: a concept analysis Journal of Advanced Nursing  70 (11):2469–2482

Heslop L., Power R., Cranwell K. (2014) Building workforce capacity for complex care coordination: a function analysis of workflow activity Human Resources for Health September 2014, 12:52: pp2-11

Heslop L. (2014) Australian direct care nurses can make cost savings if they have access to meaningful data International Journal of Nursing Practice Aug; 20 (4): 337-8. 

Heslop, L. (2012) Status of costing hospital nursing work within Australian casemix activity based funding policy, International Journal of Nursing Practice, 18:2-6

View more of Liza's publications in VU's Research Repository or her Academia profile.

Conference presentations

Shields P., Heslop L., Lu L. (2015) Node Arc graphs: acquiring nursing domain expert knowledge Health Informatics Conference, Brisbane Australia, August

Xu X., Heslop L., Lu S. (2013) Nurses’ attitudes toward nursing sensitive indicators: An online survey in Australia International conference on Nursing and Emergency Medicine, Los Vegas, California

Heslop L., Xu, X., Lu, S., Watson W. (2013) What indicators do nurses place most value upon that measure point of care practice? A survey of Western Health nurses. Presentation Western Health research week.

Heslop, L., Bazargani, M. (2013) Developing an adverse event prediction system: A neural network and Bayesian pilot study, Commonwealth Activity Based Funding Conference, Sydney

Heslop, L., Athan, D. (2012) Nurse costing and activity based funding 2nd Annual Hospital Patient Costing Conference, Brisbane

Postgraduate research students and fellows

Doctoral students working with Associate Professor Heslop have focused on building data to enhance understandings of the nurse practice environment.

Professional membership

  • Fellow, Australasian College of Health Informatics
  • Commonwealth statutory Clinical Advisory Committee of the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA)
  • Joint Working Party between IHPA and the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care

Areas of expertise

  • Health Policy and Systems
  • Health workforce
  • Quality and Safety of Health Care
  • Nursing theory, nurse practice environment, nursing education, nurse-sensitive outcomes

Contact details

(03) 8395 8142