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Professor John Zeleznikow

BSci (Honours) Monash, PhD (Pure Mathematics) Monash, GradDip (Computer Science) Melb

Professor, College of Business

John Zeleznikow has conducted research and taught in Australian, US, French, Dutch, Israeli, Belgian, German, UK and Polish universities for forty years. He is the author of 3 research monographs, 65 refereed journal articles and over 200 refereed conference articles. John has also won over $A 7 million in competitive research grants.

He has successfully supervised 13 PhD students (including one who is a professor at Harvard Medical School), 6 postdoctoral fellows and over 50 honours students. On November 16 2005, he and a former PhD student Dr. Emilia Bellucci won their heat of ABC television's New Inventors program for software that assists divorcing couples to negotiate their disputes.

Over the past twenty years, Professor Zeleznikow has focussed on how Artificial Intelligence can be used to enhance decision-making. Specific examples have been created in the domains of law, negotiation and sport. His research findings have been utilised by law and mediation firms, Victoria Legal aid, Relationships Australia Queensland, Victorian Institute of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport and Relationships Australia Victoria.

Professor Zeleznikow's current teaching focuses upon research methods, research evaluation, negotiation, ethics and legal issues related to information technology.

Key publications

Journal articles

Augar, N. and Zeleznikow, J. (2013) Developing Online Support and Counseling to enhance Family Dispute Resolution in Australia.To appear in Group Decision and Negotiation. Accepted 1 February 2013

Carneiro D., Novais P., Andrade F., Zeleznikow J., Neves J. (2012) Some Issues on Online Dispute Resolution and Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Review, published online January 3 2012

Carneiro D., Novais P., Andrade F., Zeleznikow J., Neves J. (2012) Using Case Based Reasoning and Principled Negotiation to provide Decision Support for Dispute Resolution. To appear in Knowledge and Information Systems

Condliffe, P. Abrahams, A. and Zeleznikow, J. (2011) Providing Online Decision Support for Owners Corporation Disputes. Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal. 22(2):84-94

Ofoghi, B., Zeleznikow, J. and Macmahon, C. (2011) Probabilistic modelling to give advice about rowing split measures to support strategy and pacing in race planning, International Journal of Performance Analysis of Sport, 11(2), 239-253


Lodder, A. and Zeleznikow, J. (2010) Enhanced Dispute Resolution through the use of Information Technology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Stranieri, A. and Zeleznikow, J. (2005) Knowledge Discovery from Legal Databases, Springer Law and Philosophy Library, Volume 69, Dordrecht, The Netherlands. ISBN: 1-4020-3036-3

Zeleznikow, J. and Hunter, D. (1994) Building Intelligent Legal Information Systems: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Law, Kluwer Computer/Law Series, 13

View the full list of John's publications in Victoria University's Institutional Repository.

Postgraduate research students and fellows

Completions: 50 Honour students, 13 PhD students

Current principal supervision: 9 PhD students, 1 DBA student

Research grants

Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (2001-2003), GBP 728,000

Dutch Government Scientific Fellowship (1993), $20,000

French Government Scientific Fellowship (1987-1988), FF21,000 (about $A7,000)

Australian Research Council (ARC)

Developing Negotiation Decision Support Systems that promote constructive relationships following dispute (2008-2010), $850,000

Knowledge Discovery in Discretionary Legal Domains (2004-2006), $192,729

Developing computational models of discretion (2001-2003), $21,900. This grant is for an exchange with Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan Israel

Reflective Data Modeling (1994-1996), $122,000

European Union IST Sixth Framework Grant

Marie Curie Fellowship, Enhanced Information Retrieval and Filtering for Analytical Systems (2008), €7,521

FF POIROT: Financial Fraud Prevention-Oriented Information Resources Using Ontology Technology (2002-2005), €2,321,388

Strategic Partnership in Research and Training (SPIRT)

Electronic Decision support Systems to help advise in the prescription of medicines, (2000-2002), $700,000

Building intelligent legal decision support systems (1999-2001), $500,000

Conference presentations

Invited tutorials

Twelfth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law, Bologna, Spain, June 8 2009. Topic: Enhanced Information Technology for Dispute Resolution

Twentieth International Conference on Legal Knowledge Based System (JURIX), Leiden, Netherlands, December 14 2008. Topic: Fairness and Justice in Online Dispute Resolution

Fifth IASTED International Conference on Law and Technology (LawTech2007), Berkeley, California, September 24, 2007. Topic: Online Dispute Resolution

Eleventh International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law, Stanford University, Palo Alto CA., June 4 2007. Topic: Online Dispute Resolution

Fourth United Nations Conference on Online Dispute Resolution, Cairo, Egypt, March 21 2006. Topic: Intelligent Tools for Dispute Resolution

Invited talks

Second Workshop on Legal Informatics and Legal Information Technology (LIT 2009), Poznan Poland, April 28 2009. Topic: The need to incorporate justice into Negotiation Support Systems

Group Decision and Negotiation Conference. Coimbra, Portugal, June 17-20, 2008. Topic: Incorporating interests and fairness in the development of Negotiation Support Systems

Second International Congress of Comparative Cultures and legal systems, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico 23-28 April 2006

First International Congress of Comparative Cultures and legal systems, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico 9-14 February 2004

Fifth International Conference on Forensic Statistics: Venice International University, Isola di San Servolo, Venice, Italy August 30 to September 2, 2002

Appearances in the media

Campus Daily website, 26 September 2011. Interview with John Zeleznikow about his asset dividing software "Family Winner": Mistrust blocks Middle East peace

The Age newspaper, 8 November 2010. Opinion Piece written by John Zeleznikow before Victorian State Election: Don't believe the major parties - a vote elsewhere keeps democracy healthy

The Age newspaper, 29 August, 2009. Interview with John Zeleznikow about "dispute management": A caring and sharing problem

The Economist newspaper, 11 March 2006. Interview with John Zeleznikow about his asset dividing software "Family Winner": March of the robolawyers

New Inventors ABC television program, 16 November 2005. Interview with John Zeleznikow about his computer program to help people divorcing to divide their assets: New Inventors, "Family Winner"

Areas of expertise

  • Applications of machine learning and probabilistic reasoning
  • Artificial Intelligence and law
  • Data mining and sport
  • Dispute resolution
  • Information technology and decision-making

Contact details

+61 3 9919 1837
+61 3 9919 1840