Associate Professor Price is a senior lecturer in the College of Health & Biomedicine whose expertise is in the cell and molecular biology of cancer.

His research programs focus upon the identification of molecular mediators of cancer metastasis, the role of stress transcriptional networks in cancer progression and the negative impact of cancer therapeutics and stress inducers upon metastasis and bone integrity. His lab uses a variety of cellular, molecular, pharmacological and in vivo experimental approaches to address these research questions.

Prior to joining Victoria University Associate Professor Price was a research fellow at the National Cancer Institute, NIH (USA), St. Vincent’s Institute (Melbourne) and Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Monash University (Melbourne).

He has previously been awarded a NHMRC RD Wright Fellowship, Bristol-Myers Squib Oncology AACR Young Investigator Award and  an International Journal of Oncology and Molecular Medicine Outstanding Achievement award for his work elucidating the negative effects if HSP90 inhibitors in cancer metastasis to the bone.

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

Teoh, S.S., Vieusseux, J., Prakash, M., Berkowicz, S., Luu, J., Bird, C.H., Law, R.H., Rosado, C., Price, J.T., Whisstock, J.C., & Bird, P.I. (2014). 'Maspin is not required for embryonic development or tumour suppression.' Nat Commun, 5, 3164

Lang, B. J., Nguyen, L., Nguyen, H. C., Vieusseux, J. L., Chai, R. C., Christophi, C., Fifis T., Kouspou, M.M., & Price, J.T. (2012). 'Heat stress induces epithelial plasticity and cell migration independent of heat shock factor 1.' Cell Stress Chaperones, 17(6), 765-778.

Nguyen, C. H., Lang, B. J., Chai, R. C., Vieusseux, J. L., Kouspou, M. M., & Price, J. T. (2013). 'Heat-shock factor 1 both positively and negatively affects cellular clonogenic growth depending on p53 status.' Biochem J, 452(2), 321-329.

van der Kraan, A. G., Chai, R. C., Singh, P. P., Lang, B. J., Xu, J., Gillespie, M. T., Price, J.T., & Quinn, J.M. (2013). 'HSP90 inhibitors enhance differentiation and MITF (microphthalmia transcription factor) activity in osteoclast progenitors.' Biochem J, 451(2), 235-244.

Fedele, C.G., Ooms, L.M., Ho, M., Vieusseux, J., O'Toole, S.A., Millar, E.K., et. al.,  (2010). 'Inositol polyphosphate 4-phosphatase II regulates PI3K/Akt signaling and is lost in human basal-like breast cancers.' Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107 (51), 22231-22236.

Teaching responsibilities

Associate Professor Price teaches the following units:


Associate Proessor Price coordinates the following units:

Postgraduate research students and fellows


Supervison of 6 PhD students, Supervison of 7 Honours students, Co-supervison of 1 B.MedSc. Honours student, Supervison of 7 Postdoctoral Fellows

Current supervision

Supervision of 1 PhD student, Co-supervision of 2 PhD students and 1 Masters student

Research grants

2011-2013: Prof GA Werther, Dr VR Russo, Dr J.T. Price, Dr DF Newgreen. NHMRC Project Grant. Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2 is a crucial activator of aggressive behaviour in cancer cells: $591,732

2011-2013: A/Prof. JA Wilce, Dr J.T. Price, Dr M Gorospe. NHMRC Project Grant. Characterisation of the growth receptor bound 7 (Grb7) protein and protein and RNA partners involved in the regulation of stress granule formation and cell migration: $621,732

2010-2012: Dr J.T. Price, Dr J Quinn, Prof IJ Benjamin. NHMRC Project Grant. Heat Shock Transcription Factors in Bone Remodeling and Disease: $471,921

2009-2011: Dr J.T. Price, Dr K Hunter, A/Prof JA Wilce. Cancer Council Victoria Grant-in-Aid. Role of heat shock factor-1 in breast cancer metastasis: $300,000

2007-2009: Prof GA Werther, Dr VR Russo, Prof LA Bach, Dr. J.T. Price, Dr DF Newgreen. NHMRC Project Grant. Functional Analysis of IGF-binding protein-2 molecular interactions in early development & disease: $591,732

2007: Dr J.T. Price, A/Prof A Magliocco, Dr J Ojaimi. Cancer Council Victoria Grant-in-Aid. FKBP52 and its role in breast cancer metastasis: $70,000

2006-2010 Dr J.T. Price. Identification and characterisation of novel molecular modulators of tumour cell metastasis. NHMRC RD Wright Fellowship: $462,290

2005-2008: Dr J.T. Price, A/Prof Erik W. Thompson, Dr Tony Magliocco. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, USA. The role of HSF1 in the enhancement of osteoclastogenesis and bone metastasis by the HSP90 inhibitor 17AAG: $234,000

2005-2007: Dr J.T. Price. National Breast Cancer Foundation. The Role of HSF1 and the bone microenvironment in the enhancement of bone metastasis by the HSP90 inhibitor, 17-AAG: $265,500

2005-2007: Dr J.T. Price. American Institute of Cancer Research, USA. Examination of green tea catechin, EGCG, as a novel therapy for bone metastasis: US$164,665

2003-2005: Dr J.T. Price, A/Prof JM Moseley, A/Prof M Henderson. R21 Project Grant National Institutes of Health. Positive and Negative Molecular Modulators of Breast-Bone Metastasis: US$200,000

2001-2003: Dr J.T. Price, A/Prof Erik W. Thompson, Prof Neal Rosen, Dr Tony Magliocco. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. HSP90 and breast-bone metastasis: US$250,000

1999-2002: Dr J.T. Price, A/Prof E Thompson. Association of International Cancer Research, UK. Molecular Basis of Breast-Bone Metastasis: $255,000

Professional memberships

  • American Association of Cancer Research (from 1997)
  • Metastasis Research Society (from 2002)
  • Cell Stress Society International (from 2008)
  • EMT International Association (from 2004)

Industry experience

  • Scientific consultant for Avolix Pharmaceuticals Inc., Arizona, USA

Areas of expertise

  • Biophotonic imaging
  • Chemoresistance
  • Identification of molecular mediators of cancer metastasis
  • Molecular stress and bone metabolism
  • Mouse models of cancer
  • Pre-clinical testing of drug candidates
  • Stress pathways and metastasis
  • Stress transcriptional pathways in cancer cell biology

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 2046