Staff & associates

Victoria University has consolidated its research activity. From 2018 research of the Centre for Environmental Safety and Risk Engineering (CESARE) is located within the Institute of Sustainable & Liveable Cities.

Find contact details and biographies for CESARE research and academic staff. Associates and postgraduate students are also listed.

Academic and research staff Contact details
Professor Vasily Novozhilov
Director, Centre for Environmental Safety and Risk Engineering (CESARE)
+61 3 9919 8612
Associate Professor Paul Joseph +61 3 9919 8134
Dr Maurice Guerrieri +61 3 9919 8041
Associate Professor Khalid Moinuddin +61 3 9919 8035
Dr Duncan Sutherland +61 3 9919 8106
Support staff Contact details
Debra Fitzpatrick +61 3 9919 8027


  • Dr Michelle Ball – Victoria University
  • Professor Stephen Bigger – Victoria University
  • Professor Dorothy Bruck – Victoria University
  • Professor – Sam Fragomeni - Victoria University
  • Professor Jun-de Li - Victoria University
  • Professor Vincent Rouillard – Victoria University
  • Professor Graham Thorpe – Victoria University
  • Associate Professor Zora Vrcelj – Victoria University

Masters by Research students

  • Sesa Singha Roy
    Development of boundary conditions for simulation tools through software
  • AMU Thathsarani Kannangara
    Performance of Reactive Powder Geopolymer Concretes at Elevated Temperatures

PhD students

  • Chris Lykiardopoulos
    Topic: Psychotropic Drug Usage and Human Behaviour During Fire Emergencies – completed 2015.
  • Ariza Sharikin Abu Bakar
    Topic: Characterization of fire properties for coupled pyrolysis and combustion simulation and their optimised use – completed 2016.
  • HM Iqbal Mahmud
    Topic: Simulation of the Suppression of Fires Using Water Mist – completed 2016.
  • Md Mahfuz Sarwar
    Topic: On linking the filter width to the boundary layer thickness in explicitly filtered large eddy simulations of wall bounded flows - completed 2017
  • Malavika Arun
    Topic: Development of fire-and and corrosion-resistant coatings for marine structures
  • Ananya Thomas
    Topic: An investigation on the impacts of firebrands on infrastructures in the Wildland Urban Interface
  • Jasmine Innocent
    Topic: Grassfire propagation – Physics based modelling
  • Rahul Wadhwani
    Topic: Physics-based simulation of firebrand transport and their likelihood to cause ignition of forest surface fuel
  • Samson Tan
    Topic: A dynamic fire Dynamic Fire Risk Model for Complex, High-rise Buildings - commencing 2017