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With over 280,000 alumni globally, the Victoria University (VU) Alumni Awards recognise alumni who are making a powerful and positive difference in our community and our world.

Lifetime Achievement Alumni Award

Congratulations to Victoria Miloschewsky, Founder and CEO, PeopleStories Charity – 2023 winner of the Lifetime Achievement Alumni Award.

Victoria is a dynamic and compassionate leader whose career reflects her unwavering commitment to inspire and empower others. With over 20 years of experience in leadership roles within major Australian financial institutions, Victoria has been a driving force for culture transformation, diversity, and change management in the field of Human Resources. Her corporate success is underscored by the recognition she received, including the prestigious 2014 Australian Culture Transformation Award from Human Synergistics.

In 2016, Victoria relocated to Asia with her family and founded PeopleStories Charity. Under her leadership, PeopleStories has evolved into a formally registered charity supporting 13 schools and over 5,000 children in rural Cambodia. The charity's initiatives include gender diversity programs, STEM education for girls, and a mobile digital school, extending digital education to remote areas.

Victoria's impact on her community is unmistakable. PeopleStories has reduced the local school dropout rate from 20% to an astonishing 7.8%, significantly below the national Cambodian average. The charity sponsors 170 children and their families, helping to break the cycle of poverty through education. The Mobile Digital School has provided over 15,000 digital learning hours to nearly 700 children, equipping them with vital digital skills.

Beyond her charity work, Victoria serves as a dedicated mentor for young HR professionals and a captivating public speaker, inspiring audiences with her fervour for positive change. Through tireless efforts and fundraising events, she underscores the transformative potential of every contribution.

Victoria's personal journey, including overcoming cancer, has only strengthened her empathy and determination. Hailing from a working-class family in Hong Kong, she understands the intrinsic value of education and tirelessly advocates for it as a universal human right.

Victoria's commitment is to inspire, empower, and uplift communities through her professional achievements and the impactful work of PeopleStories charity.

Professional Achievement Alumni Award

Congratulations to Cameron McLeod, CEO, The Huddle – 2023 winner of the Professional Achievement Alumni Award.

Since graduating from Victoria University (VU) with a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Management in 2002, Cameron’s impressive career has leveraged sport and recreation to address complex health, education, social, and economic challenges facing some of Australia's most disadvantaged communities.

Throughout his professional journey, Cameron has taken on leadership roles to drive meaningful change. Some of his notable achievements include overseeing the restoration of over 50 major community sports and recreation facilities in towns impacted by the Black Saturday fires, spearheading the development of the Indigenous and Māori strategy at the ICC Cricket World Cup, which aimed to celebrate First Nations culture and leading the first Gender Equality Action Plan in Australian sport to prevent violence against women.

Cameron currently serves as the CEO of the Huddle, an award-winning organisation that leverages the power of sport to strengthen education and employment for young people. Under his leadership, the Huddle has experienced significant growth, expanding from a single site to over 70 locations across Australia, benefitting more than 120,000 young people representing 160 diverse cultures. He is also pioneering initiatives to re-engage young people from low-socio economic backgrounds back into the classroom by designing immersive learning experiences for students to understand and embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Under his leadership, The Huddle has won several major awards including the Melbourne Award for Outstanding contribution to Multiculturalism (2016), MY Education Award (2016) and Asia Pacific Industry Awards for best application of AV in Education (2023). Cameron was awarded the prestigious Graeme Samuel Scholarship by the Australian Football League in 2018 and was accepted to Harvard Business School in 2019.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Cameron generously dedicates his time to supporting various community organisations. He champions youth-led community groups in their efforts to combat racism in both sports and the broader community. He works to enhance the capacity of young individuals from African-Australian backgrounds to engage with Victoria Police, government entities, and local communities, recognising that young voices are often overlooked in the design and implementation of such initiatives. As a result, he is helping to strengthen the prevention of racism, crime, and violence in our communities.

Rising Star Alumni Award

Congratulations to Colby Bryce, Manager/Psychologist/Behaviour Support Practitioner, National Positive Behaviour Support (NPBS) – 2023 winner of the Rising Star Alumni Award.

Colby Bryce's remarkable education started when he was just 13 years old, attending his mother's master's degree graduation ceremony at Victoria University. In that moment, he aspired to attain the same level of education from the same institution, Victoria University. This personal connection has fuelled his determination and shaped his educational trajectory.

With a Bachelor of Health Science specialising in health and nutrition, he earned the prestigious George Alexandra Scholarship. His academic journey continued with a Bachelor of Psychological Science, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology with honours, and a Master of Applied Psychology from Victoria University.

Colby's passion for research is reflected in numerous publications in academic journals, covering diverse topics from substance use to mental health. Recently, he has focused on women's empowerment and gender equality, highlighting his dedication to addressing pressing societal issues.

As the manager at National Positive Behaviour Support, Colby leads a team of professionals across Australia. His leadership extends to mentoring newcomers in the field, advocating for improvements within the system to enhance efficiency and participant outcomes.

Colby shares insights on mental health, self-care, and resilience on his Instagram channel (@the.psychologist.nutritionist). He also engages with audiences through talks and workshops, aimed at empowering individuals to navigate challenges and discover inner resilience, as well as advocating for culturally appropriate programs and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of indigenous Australians.

An accomplished author and researcher, Colby recently co-authored a publication with his mother in the Asian Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics. His forthcoming book, set to be released in October 2023, is dedicated to empowering readers to enhance their mental well-being and personal growth. Colby Bryce's journey is a testament to his compassion, innovation, and impact on the field of mental health, advocating for a comprehensive approach to well-being that benefits the community.


Spirit of Victoria University Alumni Award

Congratulations to Dr Binod Atreya, Managing Director, Banking, Finance and Insurance Institute of Nepal Limited – 2023 winner of the Spirit of Victoria University People's Choice Alumni Award.

Dr Binod Atreya is a visionary leader in banking and finance, distinguished for his remarkable journey from a dedicated Victoria University (VU) scholar to an influential figure in Nepal's financial sector. He completed his Ph.D. at VU in 2003, focusing on "The Applicability of New Public Management: A Case from Developing Countries."

Currently, Dr Atreya is the Managing Director at the Banking, Finance, and Insurance Institute of Nepal (BFIN). Under his leadership, BFIN has thrived as a key player in capacity development within the financial sector, backed by support from various financial entities, including commercial banks, development banks, and micro-credit institutions.

Prior to his role at BFIN, he served as the CEO of Emerging Nepal Limited and held board positions in numerous insurance and finance companies. Dr Atreya has over 30 years of experience where he held various key positions at the Nepal Rastra Bank, showcasing his expertise in banking and finance regulation, corporate planning, and financial inclusion.

Beyond Nepal's borders, Dr Atreya has collaborated with international organisations like UNDP, contributing to projects in the Republic of Maldives, Marshall Islands, and the Republic of Palau. His research ability is evident through numerous publications in national and international journals, solidifying his status as a thought leader in the industry.

The fruitful partnership he fostered between the VU and BFIN is a testament to Dr Atreya’s exceptional commitment to the industry and his country. This collaboration has led to the development of leadership programs and increased visibility for VU in the Nepalese market.

Dr Binod Atreya’s journey stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to education, research, and the advancement of Nepal’s financial landscape.

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