Executive in residence

Victoria University hosts an annual Executive in Residence program that invites distinguished leaders from diverse fields and backgrounds to join us for a week.

By sharing their wealth of knowledge and insights, these industry leaders help students and staff connect and learn from experienced professionals, enhancing teaching and learning in many ways.

Introducing Mr Vincent Lebon, our 2024 Executive in Residence. Vince is a husband and father with a lifelong dedication to creativity and design collaboration. His impressive portfolio includes work with renowned brands like Adidas, Asics, and Footlocker, where he's known for his innovative thinking and strategic approach to design.

Originally trained as a multimedia designer in Australia, Vince's love for footwear and product design led him to learn from industry leaders such as shoemaker Andrew McDonald and institutions like SLEM Innovation & Training Institute and Pensole Footwear Academy.

In 2018, Vince moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he received two Pensole Scholarships and won the 'Future of Footwear' Master Class sponsored by Foot Locker x Asics. His brand, Rollie Nation, has gained global recognition for its stylish and playful footwear, earning praise from leading trend forecasters and media outlets like WGSN, NBC, and Elle.

As a sought-after speaker on innovation and branding, Vince shares his insights at prestigious events worldwide. Inspired by culture, music, and fashion, he's passionate about fostering design collaboration and human connection.

Vince's focus on co-branded projects and capsule collections reflects his goal to redefine customer experiences and supply chain dynamics. He's also committed to addressing oversupply to benefit our world's future. We're excited to see the positive impact Vince Lebon will continue to make in the world of design collaboration and innovation.

2023 Executive in Residence, Mr John Stanway