Victoria University (VU) is going through a major transformation – to be an agile, innovative and growing University of Opportunity and Success.

We aim to be a great university of the 21st century by being inclusive rather than exclusive.

Our diverse community of students will receive:

  • guidance to achieve their career aspirations

  • personalised, flexible, well-supported and industry relevant learning opportunities.

Graduate employability and entrepreneurship will demonstrate success.

Snapshot of our vision & mission


As the University of Opportunity and Success, we will be open and excellent, creating exceptional value for any student from any background and uplifting the communities in which we operate.

Our mission

We will achieve this vision by:


Providing high quality, engaging career-based tertiary education at all levels of vocational and higher education with flexible entry and exit points, appropriate pathways, engaging and rigorous curriculum and contemporary delivery; while maintaining rigorous standards and ensuring that all students are supported to meet those standards.

Research & engagement

Undertaking high quality and innovative applied and translational research which results in healthier, smarter and sustainable communities in the west of Melbourne and beyond, and connecting deeply with industry and the community, in turn enhancing the quality of teaching and learning.

Our four big ideas

There are four Big Ideas which underpin the  transformational agenda. They capture the essence of VU’s vision and mission.

These ideas recognise the rapidly changing higher education environment. They will inform the shape, strategy and trajectory of Victoria University as we become an increasingly agile, dynamic, and innovative University of Opportunity and Success.


THE MORAL PURPOSE - Transforming lives and transforming communities.


RECONCEPTUALISING TERTIARY EDUCATION - A university without boundaries.


DEVELOPING 21st CENTURY SKILLS & CONFRONTING 21st CENTURY CHALLENGES - Contemporary and future-focussed.


AGILITY, PRODUCTIVITY & GROWTH - An agile, dynamic innovative and growing university.

Engaging with our heartland, the west of Melbourne

VU was born in, and proudly remains part of, the west of Melbourne. While our reach and our aspirations are now global – we remain focussed on our vision – to uplift the communities where we operate.

We have a particular focus on engaging with industries and communities which live and operate in Melbourne’s west. For VU, an institution that is deeply connected with our region, fostering interdisciplinary problem solving is a distinctive feature of our approach to learning and teaching, and research and translation.

We ensure our graduates are prepared to address contemporary and emerging challenges. We give them skills that can be used in their future workplaces in the west and beyond.

Our research, leveraging from its local context, is known for generating outcomes of national and global significance.

Focussed on strengthening economic development in the west, WoMEDA is a collaboration between Victoria University, State Government and key stakeholders in the west of Melbourne, including local government and the business community.

Footscray University Town is a bold and innovative partnership between Victoria University and Maribyrnong City Council to revitalise Footscray as a hub of knowledge, learning, creativity and opportunity, with benefits for the whole community.

Engagement with key partners such as Sunshine Hospital will provide opportunities to establish Sunshine as an employment hub.