Updates will be provided every three months on research articles, industry announcements and industry reports relating to eight key focus areas on women in sport.

We also showcase our researchers with expertise in these topic areas.

Advancing leaders

Insights identifying and embedding policies, strategies and programs to advance girls and women in leadership roles including managers, directors, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Industry reports on advancing leaders

Industry announcements on advancing leaders

Research articles on advancing leaders

Increasing participation

Understanding the determinants of participation, retention and measuring participation in sport and physical activity, across the lifespan for women.

Industry reports on increasing participation 

Industry announcements on increasing participation

Research articles on increasing participation 

Embracing social change

Enhancing infrastructure

Understanding the nexus between facilities, participation and sport infrastructure requirements in the future.

Developing inclusive sport club environments.

Industry reports on enhancing infrastructure

Research reports on enhancing infrastructure

Building community & organisation capacity

Evaluating and translating research into practical application to build national through to local community and organisational capacity to advance women and girls in sport and physical activity.

Industry reports on building community & organisation capacity

Industry announcements on building community & organisation capacity

Research articles on building community & organisation capacity

  • Casey, M., Fowlie, J., Charity, M., Harvey, J., Eime, R. (2019). The implications of female sport policy developments for the community- level sport sector: A perspective from Victoria, Australia. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. Doi: 10.1080/19406940.2019.1618892.

Promoting healthy & active lifestyles

Investigating physical activity for physical and mental health promotion, the prevention of common physical and mental health conditions, and impact lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise.

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Research articles on promoting healthy & active lifestyles

Preventing injuries

Intervening to prevent physical injuries to athletes.

Research articles on preventing injuries


Improving performance

Enhancing performance and recovery in athletes.

Research articles on improving performance